Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in India

Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in India
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Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in IndiaThe Communist historians posing as “master of all arts”: K. N. Panikkar1, the rabid communist and Red Parivar fundamentalist has been out with his brigade and arsenal to attack the noble subject of history and historiography with professionally biased, ideologically corrupted and historically perverse duplicity. He follows Romila Thapar2 sincerely and faithfully without any historical sincerity, epistemological honesty and historiosophic faith, though, in his determination to write about politicization of history. Now, his new venomic dosage has poured in the form of “Myth, history and politics” with due accommodation in the propagandist communist mouth-piece of “Frontline”3.

Suraj Bhan4, the Babri-archaeologist says, “Government should have stood by ASI”. Ironically, he sided with the communal and divisive forces of BMAC at that time. More irony was that the BMAC was producing EVR books as evidence to the government. He now goes to assert that archaeology has nothing to do with religion. But it is archaeology, those archaeological evidences, which decides the fate of religion. He need not come out about the NASA pictures now, as archaeologists or scientists never opine, as do now, when the pictures were published in media and discussed widely. At that time itself, the scientific community could have openly asserted that it was only a ridge made of coral reef and so on.

Earlier, the eminent historian, Romila Thapar had the audacity of questioning the so-called “Hindutwa judgment” and declared, “We will file appeal in the Supreme Court”. But nothing happened. This had been a glaring example of historians meddling with religious sentiments, and judicial judgments.

“    So why these retired, senile, old-aged historians off and on, come out and roar and sleep like this?

“    Why they want to pretend to be “master of all arts or subjects”?

“    Are they really sincere in pursuing such path or just write something, get money and keep quite?

Indians are forced to study them carefully for their exhibited behaviour5 (shouting, fighting and beating during the business sessions of IHC, SIHC etc), eccentric statements and claims (that we would appeal to Supreme Court) and occasional explosive writings [as appearing in the Hindu, Frontline, EPW, Murasoli (mouth-piece of the militant anti-Hindu DMK) etc]. How the persons of various disciplines should be evidently ganged against one particular religious believers, religion and their belief system? Is it coincidence or orchestrated war against them? What is right or wrong with them?

Politicization of Ayodhya – the Myth and Reality: While the people of Ayodhya have started cursing BJP and Sangh Parivar for forsaking the issue, the Red gang at Faizabad tried to interpret differently6. But the local people who have been living there for thousands of years do not believe the communists. At one time, they have even driven away them and warned that they would not vote for them again (ironically, the people of Faizabad in which Ayodhya is situated elected Communist).

Had they known that these communist historians are propagating another myth that “Ayodhya” was in Afghanistan7, even local Muslims would have thrashed them out for “talibanization of Indian history”8. The people of Ayodhya have been angry with politicians, ideologists and government, as they have been disturbed, troubled and harassed by them always. Whenever, any problem is there, they land down to get sensational news and disappear.

But the continuing tradition, age-old worship, people participation in the festivals, fairs and celebrations have been curtailed by the government under the guise of security. So why the Red Parivar (Communists of all sorts), the Black Parivar (the atheist-politicians of all sorts) and the Green Parivar (not elsewhere specified) want to remember Rama?

The local Hindus and Muslims blame all, as they have lost their land, the traditional places of festivals and fairs, terribly disturbed by the police and security forces, as they could not carry out their routines, periodic festivals and fairs. Tourism, fairs and festivals only bring money for livelihood there. As they live on such fairs and festivals and now they are restricted and even banned, thousands of people of Ayodhya have been affected greatly. Their grievance has been two-fold –

  1. As BJP and Sangh Parivar forgotten Rama and Ayodhya, the people coming to Ayodhya has stopped and
  2. because of government restriction, terrorist attack etc., the strength of tourists coming there has also dwindled down.

They, painfully express that nowadays, people are afraid of Ayodhya, because of the politicization. Have historians noted this point? The mythologization of history of Ayodhya has only brought harm to the people and not any benefit. The fight of archaeologists9 at WAC-3 only exposed the Communal, fundamentalist, fanatic, ideologically oriented archaeologists and not any real archaeologists who work for the benefit or welfare of Indians.

Now, the Politicization of Rameswaram: The same thing has started happening at Rameswaram and the sacred spot Sethu-samuthram. For thousands of years, the Hindus have been faithfully going there coming from extreme north and north-west and even from foreign countries to have holy-dip at the Dhanuskoti. On every auspicious day, there would be lakhs and thousands of people gathering there to carry out their duties without any publicity.  It is not myth that every place, spot and even stones and earth there are named after Ramayanic characters, episodes and happenings, as no historian or mythologist has taught them to do so.

\    If there is no Rama and Ramayana, where is Rameswaram?

\    Can these archaeologists and historians could find pr suggest another name for this place?

\    How the engaged responsible scientists and others without consciousness, honesty and integrity, mention as “Adam-bridge” now in official documents and writings even in the science journals10?

\     Then, why can’t they change the name to Adam-samuthram Project instead of Setu-samuthram project?

\    With such mind-set, have they any morality or moral right to sit in the Committee?

But now, the politicians, engineers, workers and others have landed in gangs and started disturbing, troubling and harassing the locals. Not only the pilgrims even the locals have been annoyed by their behaviour and activities.

If Rama is not there, there is no Rameswaram. But the historians, politicians and the non-believing atheist evidently anti-Hindu have been out to attack the innocent Hindus. Still millions of Hindus do not know that their monument has already been subjected to demolition in the name of progress, project, and money-making political contracts where more than 2500 crores are involved.

So now, it has been the atheist DMK who wants to be in power blackmailing and extracting from the Congress, who are ironically supported by the very Communist crones of treachery. The political power brokers have ganged together under the guise of bastardized alliance burying their ideologies only with the aim of amassing crores through commissions, contracts and postings. They do not have anything for India, or anything connected with
India. Why then, they have ganged together to rule? So the intention has been very clear to loot the people under the name of pseudo-secularism, political fundamentalism and alliance gangsterism.

So their slaves and agents of historians, paid-writers and pert-journalists have no other business from their slumber, but suddenly wake up and start writing about Rama, Ramayana etc., in the accommodative papers and journals. Why the duplicity? And what these historians talk and write about?

Filing and withdrawal of Affidavits: An “affidavit” has been a sworn statement submitted to any legal or quasi-judicial; forum by the applicant or respondent in the involved case or dispute with usual appendage, “I do hereby solemnly affirm and say that the statements contained in the foregoing petition are true to my knowledge”. Generally, a lawyer or advocate would draft it taking facts from their client. After approval of the client, it would be vetted by the senior advocate and filed on the judicial forum. What is the role of historians or archaeologists here, that too, not connected with the case? If there has been any legal lacuna or deviation, even if one is not advocate or party, it can be pointed out for rectification.

Remember the affidavit and petition filed by one Chandamal Chopra11 in Calcutta High Court on June 18th, 1985 – popularly known as “Calcutta Quran petition”? Why these Communist historians were sleeping when it happened from their citadel? Even though, the petition and review petition filed by Chandamal Chopra was dismissed by the Judge Bimal Chandra Basak, the Court documents tell the history.

Take another classical case of Sri Ramakrishna Mission claiming minority status12 in the very same Calcutta High Court! What happened? Yes, the so-called Hindutwa Mission found by the communal Swami Vivekananda was declared as minority Institution by the Calcutta High Court! What these historians were doing at that time? Where Romila was roaming, Panikkar was poking or prowling upon and Suraj was snoozing? The affidavits did not bother them? They did not know the history or fooling the people of India?

Why “the only nationalist newspaper”,  “The Hindu” and the communist “Frontline” did not come out with articles questioning the affidavits, history, faith, myth, fusion etc., involved in the above cases? Why archaeologists like Suran Bhan did not come out to rescue archaeology or history or at least to suggest the government, as he doing now?

Why historians are sleeping and awakening suddenly? If these historians are committed to the historical cause with historicity in their minds, they should be consistent with every similar issue. They should be conscious, vigil, and awakened all the times and come out with their articles in The Hindu, EPW or frontline. But, they are active only when “Rama” is involved.

V     Why can’t their historical consciousness and historical thinking question the historicity of Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, Christ, Mary, Mohammed,
Fatima and their connected events and happenings? 13

V     Location of their places of birth, so-journ and death?

V     Archaeology of such places? 14

As India is a secular state and the festivals of them are imposed on majority Hindus, all Indians have every right to know why Christmas, Easter, Miladi-nabi, Bakrid, and other festivals are celebrated15. The Hindus and true-secularists are bewildered and perplexed as to why the Muslims and Christians are greeted whenever their festivals are celebrated? Or their gods days of birth and death are celebrated, whereas that of others, particularly, the Hindus are neglected?

M  Why myth, history, faith, fusion etc., work differently here?

M  Why this variance in the approach of historians?

M  Is it historically allowed or hysterically followed?

M  Why methodology differs?

M  Why scientific temper in history fails?

M  Why secularism too stops working?

M  Why multivocal existence, folklore tradition, narrations of Bibles, Quarans etc., are not talked about?

M  If myth represent reality but represent it symbolically and metaphorically yet masking reality, why such myths are not told to secular Indians?

Thus, it is evident that these archaeologists and historians have been totally dishonest, corrupt, and perverse by being partial, biased and prejudiced. Definitely, these qualities are not for good historians. Hiding their cunningness and manipulative shrewdness, they now declare that they need not have any objectivity in history. As in the west, here there have not been any wagers for mythologization of history or historification of myth, but still, unofficial war is waged6 by the Communal Communist forces calling others as communal ands so on!

Of course, they might have done good work some 20-30 years back, but now, their psyche and mind-set are revealed and definitely, Indians cannot expect any historically faithful writings from them.

6      And they would continue to write like this with the same trend of faith, fusion, etc., creating “mythistory” 17 in Indian fooling millions of students of schools and colleges.

6      Can any responsible parent of
India allow these horrible and horror historians to write text-books for our children to read and become fundamentalists, fanatics and terrorists of new brand under the guise of pseudo-secularism, secular-fundamentalism and mythistory?

Myth, history, mythistory: Historically “myth” is not false, untruth or non-existent, in historical context at a particular historical time and historical place. Thus, historical myths are not opposed to historical facts, as from such myths only, the facts are culled out, grouped, analyzed and results are drawn for interpretation. Without myth or at least believing in myth, no archaeologist could proceed in his field study. He cannot locate any mound to start his dig.

History is not what is or has been or will be written but it is really what has or had happened in the past. In such understanding the past, historians cannot compel, dictate and force people with their own yardstick or scale

6      If historian says that your God is only 1000 years old or 2000 years old, that is his understanding of past, as the living tradition proves beyond doubt that certain people have been knowing that God for at least more than 4000 years. So historian fails in this simple case.

6      Historian says that one particular civilization has been illiterate and thus pre-historical in spite of their technology exhibited through material evidences excelling the present. Here also he fails miserably without understanding the facts.

6      He is creating a myth that only people with writing, that too that writing preserved and shown to them would be accepted as historical.

6      The limitation of understanding the past, misunderstanding or not-understanding of facts through material evidence, non-acceptance of available material evidence in historical perspectives etc., are only weaknesses of historians and not fault of such evidences. Here also historians create their myth.

6      If reconstruction of history is not possible with available constructive evidences, then, they cannot question the re-writing historians, adamantly, as again, they are creating a myth – the might of fascism that they can only write history and others cannot.

The historiography or rather historiographies of the pre-Christian or post-Christian, the pre-Mohammedan or post-Mohammedan, pre-Islamic or post-Islamic, pre-colonial or post-colonial interpretations, bias and prejudice at global level has been accepted one. The Indian history and historiography has been the adversely affected by all such impositions, censorship and professional bias-system operated and has been operating even today at different levels. Common Indians are not able to understand as to why these historians of all the above groups are ganged together and act against them? It is not the question of “Right” or “Left” but “Right” or “Wrong”. Indians cannot accept if “Right” is given by the “Right” or “Left”, or “wrong” is forced on them by the same categories. If both have problem in choosing which is right or wrong, Indians are not responsible for that, as they have books written and preserved in spite of the Muslim and Christian onslaught of destruction and carrying away the manuscripts and palm-leaf books ad other valuable historical evidences.

Unfortunately, Indian historical scholarship started reflecting some set of political or ideological groups degenerating into propaganda serving their political masters. The Congress has evidently nurtured the Communist or Marxist brand of historians since Nehru and they have been enjoying the postings in many historical and historian forums.

Politicians, historians, scientists and Adam-bridge: Now, we see not only historians, but also scientists have been ganged up with them. All have been under the control of politicians. They would have already sworn affidavit with their political masters. How then, they would faithfully come out with their professional expertise? When about one billion believers call it as “Ram-sethu”, these chosen numbers have audacity to mention as “Adam-bridge”, like Babri-Masid! Why such selective or specific bias on the part of scientists and experts?

It is obvious, the Communist historians may also get a share in the form of VC, members, directors in the thousands of Government controls academies, institutes etc., where they get income regularly with other regular facilities.

Appeal to Historians, scientists and politicians: If you want to earn money, go on build bridges in the city and towns. You can build two or more at required points or at non-required points, No problem. Lay four-track, six-track roads for MNCs, you get crores of rupees as commission. You can get funds from ADB, World Bank, American Bank, Communist Bank, Islamic Bank (perhaps without interest) etc., without bringing Rama. Shellout all agricultural lands to MNCs, no problem. Develop SEZs, kill people, immediately, you can bring revolution! Forget Rama and Sethu-samuthram project.

You can share with your scientists and historians by engaging them as “consultants”. Of course, corporate corruption always accommodates “consultants”, just like The Hindu, Frontline etc., accommodating communal communist historians. Do not taking Ayodhya to Afghanistan and Lanka to Madhyapreadesh or elsewhere, by actual talibanization of history.

The Indian politicians – please do play with the communist cronies and encouraging them to goon and spin mythistory. Do not try to wage war against innocent people of

N     By calling Rama a myth, a drunkard and so on, what you are going to achieve? We know you people always drink.

N     Can you get the status of Rama?

N     Or can you become a Rama?

N     By saying that my leader name is Ramaswamy, can any fool would believe that you are so friendly to Rama?

N     Do not you think that you are creating myth like roaming Romila, puny Pankkar and sullying Suraj?

Leave Rama to Ramabaktas, they are capable of taking care of him. Do not worry about Ayodhya or Lanka. Be happy with Ravana.

Notes and References

1.     K. N. Panikkar, a former professor of history, at Jawaharlal Nehru University and a former-vice-chancellor of Sree Sankarayacharya University of Sanskrit (sic), is currently the chairman of the Kerala Council of Historical Research. In IHC sessions, he used to give lectures in the evenings officially and unofficially to the Communist and Muslim groups separately.

2.     Romila Thapar, “Where fusion cannot work – faith and history” (the Hindu, dated September 28, 2007).

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5.     It is very common during the sessions IHC. During business session of 51st session held atCalcutta in 1990, the members were about to clash with each other, but three delegates from Tamilnadu virtually-physically forced them apart. During the dinner hosted at the lawns of Victoria Memorial Building, the delegates all historians, professors etc., fall on the food without any discipline. The same three
Madras delegates came to rescue asking them to come in line to take their food.

K. Chitra Rao, Indian History Congress, a letter appearing in the Hindu dated December 10, 1991. It gives the gist of what happened at the Calcutta session. Of course, it has been edited version.During Warangal session, Bipan Chandra got angry and started shouting creating ugly scene during the session.

6.     A documentary film shown on Ayodhya few months back from 10 to 10.30 am.

7.     A delegate from Aligarh Muslim University presented a paper locating Ayodhya at Afghanistan during the IHC session held at Bhopal.

8.     The expression “Talibanization of history” has been used by the Christian-Communist-Muslim-atheist historian groups against the so-called Hindutwa historians, but in action, they are indulging in such “talibanization”. The accusers themselves enhaged in the action of the “accused”!

9.     World Archaeology Conference (WAC-3) held at New Delhi has been a blot on Indian archeology and history, as the so-called archaeologists openly fought with each other exposing their ugly minds.

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12.  Sri Ramakrishna Mission, founded by Sri Swamy Vivekananda, filed a petition in Calcutta High Court claiming “minority” status as a “non-Hindu. However, the Supreme Court held it as “Hindu”!

13.  A cursory browsing in the net gives you thousands of sites with facts.

14.  See “Bible and Archeology” books in the net. The general policy of the government has been, if evidences supporting Bible are found, funds would be given, otherwise no.

15.  Earlier for Miladunabi, etc., holiday was not there. But after V. P. Singh, communalization has crept into even in the declaration of “Government hoilidays”. Thus, as expected, the birth day of Mohammed is a holiday always, whereas that of Rama or
Krishna is not a holyday!

16.  Jerry H. Bentley, Myths, Wagers, and Some Moral Implications of World History, in Jounal of World History, Vol.16, No.1. Available in the following site: http://www.historycooperative.org/cgi-bin/cite.cgi?=jwh/16.1/bentley.html

17.  The word “mythistory” was used by K. V. Ramakrishna Rao in his writings during 1983. However, it is claimed that McNeill used it connoting, “a form of knowledge about the past that relies on the techniques of professional historical scholarship but also draws inspiration from perspectives that offer idealized visions of a community and endow its historical accounts with meaning”.

William H. McNeill, “Mythistory, or Truth, Myth, History, and Historians,” American Historical Review 91 (1986): 1–10;

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5 Responses to “Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in India”

  1. vedaprakash Says:

    9 Responses to “Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in India”

    1. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on October 21st, 2007

    Why Indian historians have been lying to Indians?

    It is unfortunate that in the name of secularism, even the historians have to be biased and grouped together acting against the truth.

    It is a shame that historians of a nation should act and work against the interests of their own nation, that too, telling lies in the name of ideology.

    Why Communism or Marxism should make the historians liars?

    How then, they are respected by others?

    How the Oxford University Press and other publishers go on publish their books?

    Either the historians play double-roles or the Publishers are also ganged up with these ideologists.

    If that is the case, what is the fate of Indian history?

    Who would correct and reform Indian historiography?

    M. Nachiappan.

    2. Vedaprakash Says:
    Posted on October 21st, 2007

    You have raised many pertinent questions in Indian context and I have to replky to you. As I have been moving with school and college students, attending history conferences, interacting the M.Phil / Ph.D students, questioning the historians at the conferences and seminars etc., I shall reply without mincing words with the shared and discussed views of them.
    Why Indian historians have been lying to Indians?
     These historians are retired and aged and they do not have any social standing, as now the youngsters know very well by getting degrees in history, they cannot get any job.
     At one side, they want to justify what they had written 20-30 years back, as all of them becoming obsolete.
     At least, the industrial waste and scrap, after defacing or mutilating fetch some or even good value, but their obsolete hypothesis and theories imposed on Indians cannot fetch any value.
     Not only that, the youngsters have clearly understood that they have been telling lies.
     So as they want to show their presence, to safeguard their position, they have decided to side with politicians and cry “wolf”!
     The more they shout, write and propagate, they get postings as VC or in some Board, Council etc.
     Oppose, they get nothing. That is even, honest and straight-forward historians too fall in line with them to get the benefits.
     Otherwise, why M. G. S. Narayanan should fight with Irfan Habib, Kapil kumar, and K. L. Tuteja with their comrades?
    It is unfortunate that in the name of secularism, even the historians have to be biased and grouped together acting against the truth.
    Historians are also human beings, so what Indians can expect from them? From Ph.D students, they can ask perks and other benefits, but from politicians, they can get only when have could deliver what politicians want. See, Suraj Bhan has come out now to advice Sonia-government about the affidavit filed.
    It is a shame that historians of a nation should act and work against the interests of their own nation, that too, telling lies in the name of ideology.
     Romila gets honours in USA, How? By talking nonsense against BJP.
     Now, everybody has known the trick. By calling names or accusing BJP or the so-called Sangh Parivar, one can get laurels, foreign trips, posting and what not!
     Note, how Kumaraswamy of Secular party enjoyed the alliance of “communal-BJP” and then forsaken? Has he not followed Mayavathi?
     Whether, one is male of female, the Communal BJP accommodates!
     So also historians and they have known how to accuse and get awrdsm rewards and postings.
     If the work for India, they would be dubbed as “nationalist historians”. That honour, they do not want.
     They want to be known as “anti-Indian” historians, so that even Pakistanis award and reward by recommending their Muslim-friends to honour these anti-Indians.
    Why Communism or Marxism should make the historians liars?
     This is a pathological and psychological problem. Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental heath experts should study these guys to find out such inexplicable phenomena.
     We do not find any child going against mother or calling her mother a bitch or prostitute. But these communists and Marxists could do.
     Remember, E. K. Nayanar once openly told that raping is just like drinking tea. When some women protested, he happily pointed out that he only repeated what Communist manifesto said about it!
     Anyway, we know how many people are drinking tea!
     So telling lies is just like drinking tea for India historians!
     The more the lie, the more the tea, they get for drinking!
    How then, they are respected by others?
     They respect each other, that is all.
     From Calcutta University, X would invite Y from Calicut University and vice versa and they eulogize and honour each other at the cost of government giving TA and DA!
     Even the IHC follows the same pattern. Calcutta to Calicut vice versa or New Delhi!
     Unfortunate thing is that the ganging up of Christians, Muslims, atheists and others with these people.
     The government funds, the tax-payers’ fund and poor people blood – are sucked by these groups one way or the other.
    How the Oxford University Press and other publishers go on publish their books?
     Just like branded goods, they have developed trade names and marks for selling.
     Once printed, copies go to libraries automatically getting money from the government.
     They sit in the UPSC. SSC and all State Service Recruitment Boards, prepare question papers, prescribe their own books, get commissions and enjoy life.
     SAfter all, now tea-stalls are also having the name of “Oxford” and therefore, we need not think that it is a big thing.
    Either the historians play double-roles or the Publishers are also ganged up with these ideologists.
     It is mutual and reciprocate action in business.
     As long as brands sell, they trade in such brands.
     Thus, all gang up and cheat Indians.
    If that is the case, what is the fate of Indian history?
     We need not think that it is doomed.
     A youngsters have started realizing the facts and particularly understanding the double-think double-speak hypocrite-historians, all would change.
     Indian historians cannot fool always at all times. The lies are lies and the liars would eat they vomit.
     They would go down in the history!
    Who would correct and reform Indian historiography?
    1. By pointing out facts.
    2. The student community should expose these shameless creatures.
    3. When these crooks are exposed, slowly, the real and honest historians would come out with their contribution.
    4. When good stuff is given, all would take.
    5. Then the trash, crap and waste would disappear automatically.

    3. selvang Says:
    Posted on October 21st, 2007

    Regarding history, very unforunate old story that
    Not only real indian history is submerged or modified; but also asian history as a whole…………….This is because of European colonization mind……………which unknownly followed by american think tankers………….Communism went to one step further………..they added all vulgarities into that history ……………………….
    The good news now is:
    1. US slowly started rethinking its policies in terms of broad global interest as well golbal stability (hopefully)………………………..The main reason is that growing asian economic power………Many americans now feeling that they are misguided by european historians. Now, america is keen on revisiting asia…………….I am sure that american scholars will bring the real truth about asian history in future.

    2. See now what happening in china…………chinese govt. announced to rebuilt the confusius philosophy, which was original tradition of china………….remember……..earlier days, these communist only destroyed all chinese arts, culture, music, and tradition………….

    If they starts to dig the asian history, they will come to know how the real knowledge of indus cvilization, which spread all over the places……..

    4. yakshini Says:
    Posted on October 22nd, 2007

    Indeed it is shameless for the creatures in Govt to boldly shape the syllabi for school children.
    (e.g) in VII th std ICSE syllabus for History, it starts with the arrival of Christianity in several chapters and about Islam in other chapters, but only a few sentences mentioned in passing about Hinduism, as if people did not exist in India before Christ was born !!
    The fools who call themselves Historians have tampered history to such an extent that they deserve only comtempt and condemned to dust.
    The public should shoot all of them in daylight, along with the unscrupulous politicians and administrators. That day is not too far, I hope !

    5. Vedaprakash Says:
    Posted on October 23rd, 2007

    It is very interesting.

    Will you please give the references. for the following,

    “………..(e.g) in VII th std ICSE syllabus for History, it starts with the arrival of Christianity in several chapters and about Islam in other chapters, but only a few sentences mentioned in passing about Hinduism, as if people did not exist in India before Christ was born !!”, as mentioned by you.


    ” >Reddit vedamvedaprakash@yahoo.com

    ” >Stumble
    6. nathappan Says:
    Posted on October 29th, 2007

    Vedas will be given the next glory, not in India, but in USA itself :-

    “Currently under construction is 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard (www.toweroaks.com), the 200,000 square foot, LEED Gold certified office building which has received extensive international media attention for incorporating principals of Vedic architecture into its design, harnessing the power of natural law to bring to its tenants good fortune, success and peace of mind.”
    That is the tower of invincibility …
    When it is re-imported into India, the Historians (and atheists) believe importance of Vedas !!

    7. yakshini Says:
    Posted on October 29th, 2007

    The text book for History and Civics for Class 7 by Preeti Maitra published by Frank Bros & Co, Delhi, contains the following Chapters-
    1. The Advent of Christianity
    2. Islam and its impact on the Middle East
    3. The Turkish Invasions and the Delhi Sultanate
    4. Cultural development during the Sultanate
    5. Rise of Regional kingdoms in the South
    6. Coming of the Mughals
    7. Akbar the Great
    8. Mughal Rulers after Akbar
    9. Social and Cultural Developments (16th and 17th Centuries)
    10. The Bhakti and Sufi Movements
    11. The Beginning of the Modern Era
    This is just the History side and consists of around 100 pages out of which only pages 76-79 make references to Bhakti movement in somewhat unwanted manner and dwells Christianity and Islam in depth in all other pages and offers great tributes to their contribution !!
    What a shame !
    In page 76, it is even mentioned:
    The idea of Bhakti or personal devotion to God seems to have developed during the early centuries of the Christian era. Vishnu came to be worshipped as the incarnation of God
    What nonsense and audacity !
    Who is this stupid Preeti Maitra ? How is she qualified to write about History in the first place ?
    Whatever whoever can write gets carried away as text book material for the next generation ? What a pity ?
    What concrete actions can we do to resolve this ?

    How can we educate our children in such a system ? But I am forced to put my ward in Delhi Public School in Singapore, without much choice here.

    8. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on December 24th, 2008

    Oh, the thread was lost completely!

    The NCERT conducts workshop for teachers how to write t ext books on secular basis, or in short anti-Hindu basis.

    The guide book isssued to them expose elaborately.

    So whether it is private or government publications, they follow such norms and the paid teachers write lessons accordingly.

    Here only when certain schools follow the history books based on facts, they are opposed as “saffronized” history!

    Here, the publishers have been the christians.

    9. sundarananth Says:
    Posted on December 24th, 2008

    The mindset of Marxists and Dravidian historians owe allegiance to foreigners as a result of which they deprecate whatever hindu history is.Secondly among the educated youth,puranas and other lore are synonymous with lies and super lies.There might have been exaggerations.But basically the story had a basis.H.H.Kanchi Mahaperiyava,Sri Chandrasekharendrasarasvathi used to quote one stalapurana in support of his argument.In the Sthalapurana of Mayavaram or Mayiladuthurai as it is called,there is one bathing ghat in the name of Nathasarma Padithurai.As the purana goes,he offered worship with his wife,Anavadhya after bathing there on his pilgrimage.The wonder is that the same story is also told in Varanasi and a bathing ghat is named after him which in those days without communication or travel facilities tallies with the details in Mayuram which is thousand miles away.H.H. conlusion is that it could not be dismissed as a concocted story.
    Another aspect is that the aryan dravidian divide is also false as Brahmins were also living in south as per this story when the same culture was prevalent everywhere

  2. Ramajanmabhumi-Babarimasjid, evidences and Court or Hisorians as witnesses and Sunni Wakf Board Experts! « Indology Says:

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  3. பிரபல சரித்திர ஆசிரியர்கள் சுன்னி வக்ஃப் போர்டின் நிபுணர்களாக செயல்பட்ட விதம்! « இஸ்லாம்-இந Says:

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  4. பிரபல சரித்திர ஆசிரியர்கள் சுன்னி வக்ஃப் போர்டின் நிபுணர்களாக செயல்பட்ட விதம்! « இஸ்லாம்-இந Says:

    […] [1] Vedaprakash, Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in India , https://indiainteracts.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/historians-mythistory-historical-myths-and-historiogr… […]

  5. kongkon borah Says:

    it’s very helpful for us

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