Thomas myth –- The Great Historical Fraud in India

Thomas myth –- The Great Historical Fraud in India


I just give the following note hurriedly prepared in 2005, as per the request of my friend for publication, but as nothing came from him, I stopped with it. As now the topic has cropped up, I would like to post it for kind perusal.

Thomas Vanthar Dance–drama: Just after the publication of “Indiyavil St. Thomas Kattukkathai” (August, 1989), Dayananda Francis, the President of CLS staged a Dance-Drama, “Thomas Vanthar” (Thomas Came) at Krishnagana Sabha, T. Nagar. I informed many friends and well-wishers pointing out the mischief in the selection of the hall and the theme. The Krishna Gana Sabha is famous for hosting Carnatic Music programmes, Bharatanatya performances and other traditional art forms. Almost none care and therefore, finally, I approached RSS through one of my friends. S. V. Sridhar (now, he is heading Hindu Makkal Katchi breaking away from RSS) came to rescue with two volunteers. We went there and asked the Manager as to how the permission was given to such a programme which denigrates Hindu religion. He responded with dismay as he was not aware of the content of the Drance-drama. However, he immediately called Dayananda Francis and informed the protest brought out by us. He tactfully invited us and requested to see the programme to point out the objectionable scenes. Anyway, they carried on the programme based on the decided lines. During the interval, surprisingly, he announced that we had objected to the Dance-drama and he accepted that the contents of the Dance-drama were not based on historical facts. It might be a success to us, but how the people know about it? The same Dayananda Francis continues to spread the lies at other places.

Job’s Bloody Program: P. P. Job- the person who organized a programme at St. Thomas Mount with much publicity ads in vernacular papers about the martyrdom of Thomas (January 1999). They declare that “the people of Madras have to reply to the blood of Thomas”. Surprisingly, the names and their contact phone numbers were given in the ads themselves. I started contacting one by one. They belonged to different denominations of Christianity and most of them do not accept the myth of Thomas in India. In fact, some of the denominations are against such the spread of myth, as it is against their theology. Anyway, they had to join to register their solidarity.

Job’s Son killed in an Accident: Immediately, after the programme, I happened to be in Delhi. On…..(June 29th 1999?), morning I saw an obituary ad on the first page of newspaper …….that …..Job son of P. P. Job was killed in a road accident! I do not know as to how the martyr Thomas took the life of P. P. Job’s son instead of the sinners of Madras who were responsible for “the shed of blood of Thomas”, as he conducted the “bloody programme”. Anyway, they are not going to change, just like D. G. S. Dinakaran, who lost his daughter in a car accident. He could not save his daughter through his prayers, but continues to sell “olive oil” to cure all diseases and make money.

Justin Prabhakaran Accepted the Myth: One retired Government Officer used to urge me to meet Justin Prabhakaran, who could answer all my querries regarding Christianity. The person was carrying out evangelization right inside the office during his service and after retirement, he plunged into full-fledged work. As he used to argue with me, but could not answer my questions, he tried to make me to meet him. So one day I went and met him fixing appointment. As usual, I started questioning about the authenticity of the manuscripts of the Bible, compilation, translation, destruction of many MSS and so on. He continued to argue that Bible is the Word of God and he did not care what the researchers and scholars say about it. He accepted that he did not believe St. Thomas came to India but Christians continue to stick to it, as it would bring more Indians to Christianity! Again within days, he was dead!

The Spread of Myth by Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages – One day, I contacted the people of M. N. Publications, Alwarpet about the carrying matter about the unhistorical Thomas. They replied that they had been printing the stuff for many years and none objected to it. Since I had objected to it, would they stop, when I asked, they replied that “they published only after consulting authorities”, but refused divulge their names.

Some Iyengars supporting the Myth: One day I was very much surprised to know why some Iyengars have been encouraging the myth of Thomas. In fact, “The Hindu” (Karunanidhi and others call it affectionately as “Mount Road Maha Vishnu”) has been always a forerunner in carrying articles and news on such myth. In a painting at Chinnamalai, a Brahmin with namam on his forehead forces his lance on Thomas. In the first century, as that is the date attributed to Thomas, there was no Vaishanavite with such namam, as that practice came into vogue only Ramanujar i.e, after 16th-176thcenturies. Therefore, how Christians thrive on the false prestige of some Iyengars is intriguing. The only point is that they can claim antiquity to such nonsensical legend. Any way, the period coincides with the Portuguese, who were responsible for all frauds and forgeries of Thomas planting him inIndia.

 Local magazines spread the Myth: The vernacular local magazines and dailies spread the myth knowingly or unknowingly. Priya Kalyanaraman spewed the myth in her own way in Kumudham and she did not respond when I sent a letter with my book. Anyway, she must have read it.

Doordarshan carried the myth in a news item. Surprisingly, the producer is H. Ramakrishnan and I sent a protest letter with the book. There was no response from him. When I met him in person, he tactfully tried avoided the topic.

Dinamalar (“Mayilai Madhavin…..”, 03-12-2004, p.3) too carried some stuff on the Church, when it was renovated in 2004. I sent a letter dated 03-12-2004 with my book through courier to Sri. Krishnamurthy, Editor, but, this time, he did not respond.

What is surprising is that he accommodated a paper in his Numismatic Conference held at Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari from January 29-31, 1999, which spewed the myth with obscure coins attributed to Gondaphorus, a King of Parthia away from North-west of India. That paper is available in a website.

Deivanayagam’s Conference in the Marina: Deivanayagam organized a Conference, actually, it went on as a meeting. Though he listed dozens of scholars and politicians, only a few turned up. He tried his best, but there were few takers, as the crowd came to enjoy the breeze and spend some time.

How Deivanayagam dons ochre robes and imitates Hindu symbols to fool Hindus. In fact, the other day, I saw Sadhu Chellappa appearing in TV like a Hindu Sadhu. Perhaps, again Roberto de Nobili method is perused vigorously.

From the advent of St. Thomas to Vaco da Gama: Now comes the “First International Conference” on “Early Christianty in India” (From the advent of St. Thomas to Vasco da gama) as announced by John Samuel, the Director of “International Conference-Seminar on Skanda-Muruga” (a public Limited Company floated by him), who conducted or supported three Conferences held. It is held in Newyork from August 13th – 16th 2005 (See: www.xlweb/heritage/ Now, he decides to support Christ and abuse Muruga. “The Hindu” faithfully carried a newsitem on this (The Hindu Nov. 4, 2004). When, this was pointed out to other Directors –

Dr. J. G. Kannappan, an orthodontist, Madras

Dr. Rajamanickam, orthopodist, Erode

Dr. Raju Kalidoss, HOD, Art and Archeology, Tamil University and

others like Dr. Ramdoss, Surgeon, Pune (now, he is vigorously interested in organizing next Muruga Conference in Mumbai in December 2005), R. Mathivanan, SSM Engineering College, Komarapalayam (who conducted a regional Conference in February in 2005), they keep quite or respond “Oh I see, I am not aware of it”, “I come to know only now” and so on……..

So a Charistian is a Christian, whether he gets blessings from Sankaracharya (John Samuel and Thondaiman, the Malaysian Minister met him to get the blessings before organizing the third conference at KL in 2004) or otherwise and he has every right to blashgme Hindu religion and Gods through his search and money power. The gullible Hindus scholars and experts have to keep quite as that is their own way. They do not react as Arumuga Navalar reacted, just hundred years ago, as they are perhaps more knowledgeable and experts than himself!

The other organizers of the conference:

  1. Institute of Asian Studies, Chemmanmchery.
  2. The Centre for the Study of Christian Literature and Culture in Indian Languages (CSCLC), Chennai.
  3. The Dravidian Spiritual Movement, Chennai.
  4. The Tamil Koil, New York, USA.
  5. Other academic centres of advanced research in other countries (names not mentioned).

If the Christians were really interested in true research and dialogue, would they sponsor Ishwar Sharan and Vedaprakash?

Historians are afraid of / indifferent in dealing with this issue: The Christian pastors, priests and others attend IHC, SIHC, INHC etc., very often. They do not hide their identity, as they come in their attire / robes. They used to present papers passing reference to Thomas in front of leading, reputed, eminent historians and scholars. They come in groups to add strength to them. But, they never question such unhistorical lies, myths and interpretations. Even, they do not question the research methodology based on such spurious data and information without any historical basis. Even when I used to question this, they do not support instead, they oppose me by asking sidetracking questions diverting the issue. Then, I used to ask them in person, why you do not question such unhistorical facts. They used to say apologetically, “See, they are Christians, they talk like that only.  You have to ignore them”. But, I understand, if they oppose, they may not get the hospitality in the Christian institutions, guest houses and other sponsored programmes / conferences / seminars. Thus, when money and comforts come, all principles vanish and they crawl before their feet licking benefits and enjoyments. Long live History and Historical methodology!

Sending rejoinders to different papers, magazines, persons:

ISWR/001/2001-2002 dated 26-12-2001 to Kumudham and

ISWR/002/2001-2002 dated 26-12-2001 to Priya Kalyanaraman

ISWR/VP/045/98-99 dated 23-02-99 written in response to Alban and Marie Coute’s article “Standing by Secularism” (The Hindu Magazine, dated Feb.21, 1999), in which they made remarks about Thomas in India. K. Chitra Rao has also sent a letter, as I received a copy.

What Indians have to do?

    The Christians have been carrying on this propaganda with power, money and battalion of work-force to implant and continue their agenda by all means. Comparing to this, Indians or the poor Hindus have no match for them. But, still small publications like “Indiyavil saint Thomas Kattukkathai” (In Tamil) and “The Myth of Saint Thomas the Mylapore Siva Temple” work well.

    The friends from Kerala can go to the so-called Churches reportedly built by Thomas, take samples and send for dating to expose the fraud. T. K. Joseph (Chengannur, Travancore, 1955) in his “Six St.Thomases of South India” has explained the position clearly.

    The friends in Madras can request the Archaeological department to date the so-called Persian crosses with inscription, as the Portuguese had already confessed in their documents that they brought and planted there.

The fraud of manufacturing documents started in 1975. Ganesh Iyer was used till 1980, when he was arrested on April 29th 1980. On Feb.6, 1986, the involved settled the issue out of court. As the former Arch Bishop Arulappa with Ganesh Iyer of Sri Rangam have involved in the biggest fraud of the century by manufacturing forged manuscripts to establish the myth, but got red-handed in 1986-87. After resigning, Arulappa died immediately. P. K. Sunil interviewed Ganesah Iyer and published a special report on the fraud under the caption “HOAX” (Illustrated Weekly of India, April 26, 1987).

I am rather repeating the above known information to show that to what extent they can go up or stoop down. So what I request, instead of pointing out that he has done this and that, let us see how the wrongs done can be set right.

I would be also thankful, if anybody provides any information on this subject matter and it would be acknowledged.

Let us see, what happens.

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2 Responses to “Thomas myth –- The Great Historical Fraud in India”

  1. vedaprakash Says:

    Copy of the letter sent to fake doctor Ganesh Iyer is sent to you for your information

    121 Pidariar Koil Street


    Chennai – 600 001

    May 31, 1999

    Dear Mr. Ganesh Iyer,

    I have listened to your testimony on number of times since I frequently attend Retreat at Divine Retreat Centre.

    I have attended Retreat in 3 languages (English, Tamil and Malayalam). I also listened to your testimony at Chennai. I found lot of contradiction in your testimony on each time. I therefore started tape recording it.

    You may cheat people for some time, many people for long time, but not all the people for all the time. Ultimately truth will come out. Now truth has come out and you cannot fool people at Divine Retreat Centre any longer.

    Many people particularly those from Chennai who listened your testimony entertained serious doubts about genuineness of your testimony. Some of them mentioned to me also which only prompted me to record your testimony. I can play the tape and prove it to you that your statements were not consistent. It was different on each time. The man who speaks the truth will always say the one and the same thing all the time whereas the man who speaks lies will immediately forget what he spoke. He will keep on changing according to circumstances. You belonged to the second category.

    You first started on a small scale lies but started improving on it very fast. Now you talk with style and accent. Your wife also orchestrating your lies. As time passed you and your wife became more greedy and started telling in the testimony how your wife’s prayer resulted in restoration of eye sight to a blind lady and how a man who had boils in the stomach, totally given up by Doctors got complete healing. You have fabricated all these to make people believe that you and your wife have the gift of healing and make people run to you for healing prayers and you had utilised this opportunity to extract money saying that due to the curses in the family and of fore fathers certain deeds they are suffering from sickness and other problems and for removal of the curses you and your wife have demanded money from these people. You have also given medicines for sickness collecting thousands of rupees.

    I have analysed your testimony completely and verified about its genuineness by contacting the following people. I find there is no iota of truth in your testimony. Your entire testimony is nothing but a bogus one and it was very cleverly created and fabricated by you with an ulterior motive.

    I have addressed the cover as Dr. Ganesh Iyer deliberately knowing fully well that you are not a qualified doctor but a fake doctor but to make sure that this letter reaches your hand since you are believed, known and addressed as Dr. Ganesh Iyer. I also addressed the letter as Dr. Ganesh Iyer.

    I have enquired about you from the following persons:

    1. Parish Priest,

    Basilica of Our Lady of Velanganni, Velanganni.

    (To ascertain whether you rendered medical services to pilgrims during the festival time as claimed by you.)

    2. Rev. Fr. Solomon Raj S.J.,

    Dhyana Ashramam, Mada Church Road, Chennai 600 028

    3. Rev. Bro. Allan S.J.,

    Dhyana Ashramam

    4. Some staff/employees of Dhyana Ashramam

    (To ascertain whether your wife Prema had paralytic attack and daily she was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto from your house in the mornings and taken back home late in the night for about six months as stated by you in your testimony.)

    5. Mr. C.R. Pattabhiraman, Bar-at-Law,

    “The Groove”, Eldams Road, Chennai 600 018

    (To ascertain whether you and your wife in any way related to this family or worked as a domestic servant in that family.)

    6. Shiva Temple Trustees,

    Shiva Temple, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004

    (To ascertain about you as you were only roaming in that area.)

    7. Brahmin Association


    8. R.S.S.

    Chennai Branch

    (Since you claimed to be past President of Brahmin Assn., and Vice President of R.S.S., to ascertain about your involvement in those organizations.)

    9. A few close friends of yours who have requested not to divulge their names.

    (To know completely about you, your wife and your background.)

    10. A few residents of Agraharam in Mylapore

    (To find out whether there is any truth in what you have said in your testimony about them.)

    11. Dr. B. Ramamurthy, Famous Neuro Surgeon

    27, II Main Road, C.I.T. Colony, Chennai 600 004

    (To find out whether he had operated your wife Prema.)

    From the enquiries, it came to light that YOU ARE NOT A QUALIFIED DOCTOR. YOU ARE A FRAUD AND A CHEAT. You have not passed M.B.B.S. from Kilpauk Medical College as alleged by you. Kilpauk Medical College are offering courses in Indian Medicine only for G.C.I.M. Degree earlier and quite recently only curriculum was changed from Indian Medicine to Allopathic.

    You do not have any medical background except for sometime you worked as a worker with an Ayurvedicman. With this background you were exploiting the people calling yourself a doctor in Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic.

    You are a FAKE doctor. You are liable for prosecution immediately and sent to jail. It is a great miracle that till today you are outside.

    You claimed as a qualified Doctor and took complete charge of DIVINE RETREAT CENTRE HOSPITAL. The Director believing your words without verifying your certificates and antecedents have placed you in-charge of the hospital which had resulted in the deaths of many patients who were wrongly treated by you without proper diagnosis and you have administer wrong powerful antibiotics without knowing the dosage and its side effects. You have also issued death certificates to the patients who were killed by you due to your wrong and improper treatment as though they have died of their illness. You have committed serious criminal offences and COLD-BLOODED MURDERS for which you are LIABLE FOR DEATH SENTENCE BY HANGING.

    My next task is to unearth the addresses of the relatives of those who have died (rather killed) due to your wrong and improper treatment at Divine Retreat Centre Hospital and ask them to file criminal cases against you. You cannot escape from your cold-blooded murders.

    I am also planning to write to the Medical Council of Governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and to the police authorities of both the States to take appropriate action against you in the matter.

    You have also said besides M.B.B.S. Degree you have two Ph. D. Degrees. Perhaps you have considered yourself fit to receive 2 Ph.D. Degrees for the following:

    1. Ph. D. for fraudulent deeds, cold-blooded murders.

    2. Ph. D. for telling lies, cheating and acting.

    Your name can be recorded in Guinness Book for telling lies.

    You have excelled Mr. Goyabells who is in the Guinness Book for telling lies.

    You have said that you had CAR, you had a NURSING HOME, and had SEVERAL LAKHS of Rupees. On verification, it is learnt that you and your wife are BEGGARS, Honourable Beggars without Aluminium Begging Bowls in your hands. You did not even own a ordinary cycle. Only after coming to Divine Retreat Centre only you started seeing money and started taking money from the Retreatants for treatments and for removal of curses etc. Only after coming to Divine Retreat Centre only your and your wife’s personality have been remarkably changed. Both of you borrowed money from several people and you are keeping Divine Retreat Centre as a Safe Hideout place and enjoying a Royal Stay and Royal treatment.

    Your wife PREMA literally crying and begging for help from Rev. Br. Allan S.J., Rev. Fr. Solomon Raj S.J. of Dhyana Ashramam saying that she has no relatives and her husband (YOU, Mr. Ganesh Iyer) is a DRUNKARD and unemployed, etc. Believing your wife, both Rev. Br. Allan S.J., Rev. Fr. Solomon Raj S.J. helping your family by monthly payments. You were also running behind Rev. Fr. Solomon Raj for help. Taking advantage of their help only both of you (you and your wife) perhaps thought that Priests will help and therefore fabricated stories and started cheating the Divine Retreat Centre. The people working in the Dhyana Ashramam tell stories about you.

    You are telling in your testimony that your wife is the grand daughter of Sir C.P. Ramasamy Iyer. Daughter of Mr. C.R. Pattabhiraman who is now 93 years. He says that he has no daughter by name PREMA and son in law as GANESH IYER. The family says that they have heard lot of complaints that one GANESH IYER looking for matrimonial alliance for his son stating that he is related to Sir C.P. Ramasamy Iyer’s family. The family also trying to catch you.

    In your testimony you have said that you have travelled all over the world. The interpretation of world in your language is Mylapore in Chennai and liquor shops.

    You have also registered for your son’s matrimonial matter with the devotees who visit Shiva temple, Mylapore. Further your testimony about your son is also completely false. It is not necessary to discuss about it here as you and your wife only are culprits.

    On receipt of this letter, I want you to vacate your room and quit Divine Retreat Centre immediately to catch first available train to get lost.

    I am sending this letter to you only first. I will take two days to reach your hands. On the fourth day, I will come personally to meet the Director with all available documentary evidence which I have collected from the people whom I have met and also recorded tape of your testimony on different dates to expose you and your wife. On the third day, I will check with my friends in Divine Retreat Centre whether you have run away or still staying there. If you have not left the Divine Retreat Centre when I visit then I will take you out of the Divine Retreat Centre in a police van for all the cold blooded murders you have committed at Divine Retreat Centre Hospital calling yourself as a qualified Doctor.

    After meeting the Director at Divine Retreat Centre, I will distribute copies of this letter to a few important people in Divine Retreat Centre and also send a report to the Medical Council of Government of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the police authorities so that you cannot enter Divine Retreat Centre again through back door. Further you should not try this method of getting money by giving false testimony. I have already collected enough materials abut you from your friends and acquaintances. So be careful.

    I also know many people come to your house (retreatants after their return) at Mandaivellipakkam to meet you and your wife when you are in Chennai. I also want you to vacate your room at Mandaivellipakkam so that they cannot meet you and you also cannot continue to extract money from them.

    I have only touched few points of your testimony in this letter. For every statement of yours I can refute it with documentary evidence. After producing the documentary evidence in my possession to the Director of Divine Retreat Centre, I am going to ask him also to write letter personally to all the people I have mentioned above (your friends/acquaintances and agraharam people’s address I will furnish to him) to satisfy himself about the contents of the letter and to depute any responsible member from Divine Retreat Centre to personally meet those people and satisfy themselves about you and your wife. I will offer to render all possible assistance to that person deputed by the Director.

    You have mentioned in your testimony that at present you are writing a book and get it printed at Divine Retreat Press. I will ask the Director not to print it even if your writing materialised. You are not a religious scholar. You are a bogus person and a cheat. You have no capacity to write with any originality. If at all you write, you will only copy it from other books and write all false things and your book will be like your false testimony. You have very cleverly planned to make tons of money through the book, getting it printed at free of cost at Divine Retreat Centre Press.

    You have so long enjoyed a royal stay. Divine Retreat Centre was meeting all your expenses and also taking money from them. Today (the day you receive this letter) is the last day of your comfortable stay at Divine Retreat Centre. After receipt of this letter, immediately quit the Divine Retreat Centre and get lost. If you are not running away from that place immediately then you are inviting trouble for yourself. You will be honourably taken out in a police van.

    Yours truly,


    Copy to:

    1. Rev. Fr. George Panakkal, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    2. Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    3. Rev. Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    4. Rev. Fr. Mathew Thadathil, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    5. Br. Mathew, Advocate, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    6. Br. P.J. Antony, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    7. Br. Anno George, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    8. Chairman, Medical Council, Government of Kerala

    9. Superintendent of Police, Chalakudy

    10. Rev. Fr. Solomon Raj, S.J., Dhyana Ashramam, Chennai

    11. Rev. Br. Allan, S.J., Dhyana Ashramam, Chennai (His full name is Alangaram.)

    12. Mr. C.R. Pattabhiraman, Bar-at-law, “The Groove”, Chennai

    13. Chairman, Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Chennai

    14. Commissioner of Police, Chennai

    15. Br. Aravindaksha Menon, D.R.C., Chalakudy

    16. Br. Williams, Br. Johnson, Br. Evans, Br. Antony, Br. Karunakaran, Tamil Retreat Section

    17. Telugu/Kannada/English/Konkani/Hindi Retreat Sections

  2. vedaprakash Says:

    Yankee Hindutva Strikes – A study on Bible-thumping activism ignores titular faultlines, concocts plots couched in anti-imperialism, GITA RAMASWAMY, 23 MAY 2011

    This doorstopper of a book is really one long polemical pamphlet. The authors’ intention is historiographical confrontation with Bible-thumpers in Tamil Nadu, but what they lack is expertise in handling historical data and a professional approach.

    Rajiv Malhotra, who appears to be the main architect of this book, belongs to the diaspora. The difference between the world-view of the diasporic Indian and the Indian of the homeland is vast. The middle-class diaspora of Indian professionals in the States is probably the richest community of US migrants, yet they have been unable to attain either first-class citizen status or get political leverage. They know first hand the fragility of an existence which experiences exclusion in various domains of social living. Their minority status and marginality in the US provides the ground for Yankee Hindutva.

    The authors see three major civilisations competing for global dominance today—the West (especially the US), China and Islam. All three have diabolical designs of splitting India, according to them, and they focus on Western efforts to break India. The problem we have is not in the study of Western intervention, though, curiously, Yankee Hindutva attempts to usurp the language of anti-imperialism. Often enough, the reader does a double take—is s/he reading Prakash Karat or Rajiv Malhotra?

    The problem is in analysing Dravidian and Dalit faultlines. They don’t get wished away by denial. One would expect the authors to analyse these faultlines, acknowledge the limited validity of conversions and identity politics, and discuss their limitations. Instead, they are in denial throughout and consequently fall into outrageous positions. According to them, Maoists in Dantewada get vital information from the Chinese (from their espionage on India’s defence networks and embassy communications), famed Bharatanatyam dancer Leela Samson is an evangelist, former CEC Seshan is quoted to prove that Annadurai was a pawn of the CIA. Malhotra bemoans that China’s government controls academic studies there while India’s government does not, he wonders if India has too much democracy, he is angry that there are studies on how Raja Rao is prejudiced against his Muslim characters, or how there are very few Muslim characters in Tagore’s works (now isn’t that interesting?), and he speaks extensively of the Maoist-Chinese venture in the Red Corridor from Chhattisgarh to Nepal. His take on the 2002 Gujarat genocide: “…the violent Hindu retaliation to the Godhra carnage—a Hindu-Muslim bloodbath, both sides lost lives but the Muslims lost more.”

    More than half the book deals with a father-and-daughter duo, Devianayagam and Devakala; have you heard of them? They are Tamil evangelists, and while I hold no brief for either of them, I find it hard to believe, as Malhotra does, that they are Enemies Number One and Two in India. In reality, the largest numbers of Bible-thumpers are in Andhra Pradesh, which also records the largest volume of Christian funding from abroad and the largest number of ngos. But strangely the authors have no explanation why this should be so, despite Andhra Pradesh not being noted for Dravidian rhetoric as Tamil Nadu is.

    Should we be embarrassed when Dalits take their issues to international fora? Maybe it sounds distasteful to you and I, but possibly we are not Dalits. As long as the Indian state and society oppresses Muslims, Northeasterners, Kashmiris and Dalits, it is natural for them to garner what support they can.

    The Aryan invasion theory occupies considerable place in the book. While Dravidianists insist on the fact of an Aryan invasion (and are supported by studies of scholars such as Romila Thapar), Malhotra disproves them—but uses the same tiresome polemic without the attendant scholarship. The reader may not want to take sides, but would certainly have wanted to know about important scholarship in the area.

    The conclusion is rather surprising, or is it? Malhotra sees the possibility of an alliance with the US. According to Malhotra, the US wants to build up India (containment of Chinese and Islamic threat, as a market, etc.), and it could possibly stop giving aid to India’s Dravidianists and Dalits. The conclusion reveals that the book is really aimed at US policymakers in a bid to promote an alliance between the US state and Yankee Hindutvavadis.

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