“Mother” Theresa’ Missionaries of Charities involved in baby-selling., two Nuns have been arrested!

“Mother” Theresa’ Missionaries of Charities involved in baby-selling., two Nuns have been arrested!

Nirmal Hridhay - baby selling - 06-07-2018-5

The Missionaries of Charities involved in “baby selling”: The home in eastern India’s Jharkhand state is run by Missionaries of Charity, the order set up by Mother Teresa to provide shelter for pregnant and unmarried women and their children[1]. For the services rendered by her much publicity was given and noble prize was also awarded. However, there had been allegations and accusations that she was helping pedophiles by allowing them to exploit the children in the orphanages. In fact, India has been exploited by the American and European pedophiles using “Sex tourism ” being carried on by the Missionaries, as has been exposed already by many cases that have gone up to Supreme court of India. In the present case, Indian police officer Aman Kumar said at least six babies have been sold to childless couples[2]. He said: “We are investigating to see how the operation was run and how many more children have been given away in the last few years.” The Missionaries of Charity did not respond to calls for comment. Arti Kujur, head of the Jharkhand State Child Protection Society, said the home was charging between £450 = Rs. 30,000/-  and more than £1,000 = Rs. 70,000/- for each baby, depending on what the childless couple could afford[3]. The money was reportedly paid as hospital fees.

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The Nun involved has been a habitual offender caught only now: A member of the committee, Pratima Tiwari, told The Times of India that they realised a baby boy was missing during a routine inspection[4]. The Child Welfare Committee chairperson alleged that she filed a complaint after the couple – to whom the accused had given the child to – asked her to intervene, PTI reported. “The Uttar Pradesh-based family claimed that Anima Indwar, who handed over the child to them on May 14, 2018 called them up on July 1, 2018 and asked them to visit the shelter home for completing certain formalities,” Verma said. “When the child was brought to the shelter home, Indwar took the boy away.” She alleged that the accused had committed more crimes of this nature[5]. As more babies were reportedly sold, it is evident that the nun in question has been habitual offender, but, caught only now, because of the complaint and exposure. The child is currently in a government shelter for children.

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Four babies were sold recently: According to the police, the two nuns allegedly sold four babies in Jharkhand as well as Uttar Pradesh[6]. This suggests that it was an inter-state child trafficking racket that the nuns were part of. The Church, school, convent, nunnery and the priests all keeping together nearby has been the root cause of all sorts of sexual related offences, crimes and violations, as being reported in the media and facts. As such crimes have been repeatedly appearing in media for the last 40 years and they have been increasing day by day, the matter should have been taken seriously. Unfortunately, in India, because of secularism, whenever, any crime is involved with the Christians and Muslims, they are treated differently. Even if they are suppressed and forgotten, the law enforcing authorities do not bother and the media, just covers up and keepm quite, as if nothing happens! Ranchi Deputy Superintendent of Police Shyamanand Mandal was quoted by news agency ANI as saying, “These nuns sold four babies – three in Jharkhand and one in Uttar Pradesh. Further investigation is underway.” An FIR has been registered under section 370 of the Indian Penal Code[7]. The FIR was reportedly registered by the Child Welfare Committee of Ranchi after an inspection.

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After adoption, they adopted and adapted the “baby selling” as easy method: Kujur said: “We had been receiving many complaints regarding the functioning of this home and were keeping a close watch on them for nearly six months.” The Missionaries of Charity stopped organising adoptions in India in 2015 saying they disagreed with government rules that made it easier for single, divorced, and separated people to adopt children[8]. Kujur said his organisation had directed that the credentials of every home run in the state should be checked. “We hear that babies are being sold in other homes as well and are determined to put a stop to it.” After the exploitation of adoption methods and export of children to foreign countries, perhaps, the Missionaries of Charity have found put a new method to sell babies. Here, the babies of unwed mothers are taken and sold. “Unwed mothers” raise many questions, as the “Nirmal Hridhay” itself has such categories. In other words, such women cannot beget children, unless, they are impregnated and it is possible only by men. Then, who are such men allowed to mate with such women, how and why they are allowed and such other questions arise. It is a serious issue, as prostitution is also allowed in such transactions.

Nirmal Hridhay - baby selling - 06-07-2018

Sister Koncilia, a nun at Missionaries of Charity’s Nirmal Hriday home,  was arrested: Sister Koncilia, a nun at Missionaries of Charity’s Nirmal Hriday home, was arrested on 06-07-2018, Thursday for allegedly selling a child of an unwed mother[9]. Ranchi SSP Anish Gupta said, “Two arrests have been made. A worker at the home was arrested on 05-07-2018, Wednesday. We have also got the details of three children who were sold by them to different couples. We are in the process of verifying their addresses.” Nirmal Hriday, at Ranchi’s Jail Road, offers shelter for unwed minor mothers and differently-abled people. The home had 11 pregnant girls and around 75 differently-abled persons living there. Sister Koncilia was the head of the unwed mothers section[10].

Missionaries of charity sell babies - 05-06-2018

11 pregnant women found shifted: CWC member Tanushree Sarkar said, “We have moved the 11 girls to Karuna Shelter home and sealed that section of Nirmal Hriday. The other section does not come under our jurisdiction, but we will try to get it sealed.” The committee will be shifting around 70 children who have been given shelter in Nirmal Shishu Bhavan, another branch of the organisation situated at Hinoo, to other homes on Friday. Sarkar said, “After the incident in one branch, we cannot trust the other branches of Missionaries of Charity and we will not be sending children to them for shelter from now on.” Sarkar said of the 11 pregnant girls at the home, at least three were never produced at CWC. “As per the law, any minor child in need of care and protection should first be produced before the committee,” she said. However, why the Missionaries of Charities have not been following rules and regulations and the CWC could only now point out. Had all been faithful enough to law of the land, they must have followed. Not that only, when, something has come out, all issues should be discussed, lacunae detailed and crimes committed demonstrated.

Nun arrested for selling babies of unwed, 06-05-2018

What Christians and minorities should ponder over and do?:

  1. The issues – Selling of Babies, that too, born to unwed mothers are treated differently in many countries, including India.
  2. The child trafficking, women trafficking and related crimes have been so serious and it is ridiculous to note that they are covered up by the Christians and other minorities under the guise of minority status or secularism or otherwise.
  3. Suppression of such crimes could only spoil their society and as well ass Indian society.
  4. The babies taking birth outside wedlock, before marriage etc., only expose the vulnerability of women, nuns etc., treated in the Christian and catholic churches.
  5. The recent catholic priests raping faithful ladies expose such inhuman practices.
  6. Maximum, the church authorities have bee trying to cover-up, huss-up and suppress within the church sexploiting power and money.
  7. The “rogue-court” type proceedings would xdestroy the faith and belief system.
  8. The christians should clean their sins and they cannot create more sin chambers by sinning even the confession boxes.
  9. When surrogate mothers are encouraged, this type of crimes, perhaps, appear less criminal to such mind-set and psyche.
  10. All sexual relted crimes should be treated, handled and offendes should be punished without any discrimination under thelaw of this land.

© Vedaprakash



Nirmal Hridhay - baby selling - 06-07-2018-7

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One Response to ““Mother” Theresa’ Missionaries of Charities involved in baby-selling., two Nuns have been arrested!”

  1. vedaprakash Says:

    The Scrool.in, Kerala’s Catholic Church faces calls for reform as nun accuses bishop of rape, TA Ameerudheen, 06-07-2018-Yesterday · 10:30 am


    Weeks after the Vatican acted against Cardinal George Alencherry for his alleged role in an illegal land deal, the Catholic church in Kerala has been rattled by allegations of rape against a bishop.

    On June 27, a 46-year-old nun complained to the police that Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar had raped her 13 times between 2014 and 2016. The nun is a member of the Missionaries of Jesus congregation based in Jalandhar, Punjab, but it runs two convents in Kerala, one in Kuravilangad in Kottayam and the other in Pariyaram in Kannur.

    The alleged victim was associated with one of the convents. She alleged the bishop raped her in the convent. The visitors’ diary at the convent shows the bishop was there on the days on which the alleged rape took place.

    Mulakkal denied the allegations. He claimed the nun was taking revenge on him for ordering an inquiry against her. “I got a complaint from a woman alleging that the nun was having an affair with her husband,” he said.

    Apparently to preempt the nun’s allegation, the public relations officer of the Jalandhar diocese, Peter Kavumbatt, had filed a complaint with the Kottayam Superintendent of Police Hari Sankar on June 21 2018, claiming four nuns from his congregation and their relatives were plotting to kill Mulakkal.

    Sankar said the police are investigating both complaints. “Cases have been registered on the basis of the complaint filed by the nun alleging rape against the bishop and the another compliant against the nun and her accomplices for threatening to kill the bishop,” he said.

    On 05-07-2018, Thursday, the nun recorded her statement before a judicial magistrate in Kottayam, reiterating her allegations. She also gave the police text messages purportedly sent to her by the bishop.

    The police said they have not yet decided whether to summon the bishop to Kerala or send a team to question him in Jalandhar, where he is now based.

    Mired in controversy: Allegations of sexual abuse are not new to the Kerala’s various Christian churches. In March 2017, the police arrested Robin, vicar of the St Sebastian’s Church in Kottiyoor in Kannur, for allegedly raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl. The survivor later gave birth. In 2014, Another vicar, Raju Kokken, was arrested for molesting a nine-year-old.

    In December 2016, a special court in Ernakulam awarded two life terms to priest Edwin Figarez for raping a 14-year-old at his home in Puthenvelikkara, Thrissur.

    In 2013, Arokiaraj, a priest at the St Stanislaus Church in Palakkad, was accused of raping and killing a 17-year-old girl. The priest, who reportedly confessed to raping the victim, was dismissed from the church but the crime was not reported to the police.

    The Catholic Church in India comprises Latin, Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara churches. There are 132 dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church in the country, 31 of the Syro-Malabar Church and 11 of the Syro-Malankara Chruh.

    Father Pual Thelakat, former spokesperson of the Syro-Malabar Church, said it was disheartening that church leaders were committing such acts. “I am saddened by the developments,” he said. “This is a challenge to the Church.”

    Sister Jesme, former principal of St Mary’s College in Thrissur, said only a fraction of the abuses against nuns are coming out in the public. “Nuns in many congregations live in pathetic conditions,” she said. “Their condition is worse than that of other women in our society. Our system at least allows women to complain against their rapists. But nuns have to keep quiet if they are raped. Their superiors will ask them not to complain against rapist priests.”

    Jesme, 62, describes the sexual abuse and mental torture she suffered while serving the Congregation of the Mother Carmelite as a nun for 33 years in her book, Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun.

    Reji Njallani, chairman of the Open Church Movement, which works for reforming churches, said the church has lost spirituality. “Priest and nuns are revelling in the material world,” he said. “Controlling the money power and political clout of priests is the only way to cleanse the system.”

    Trading allegations: Mulakkal told the Malayalam TV news channel Asianet News on June 30 that he was not afraid of facing legal proceedings. “Let the law take its own course,” he said. “I am not afraid of it. I should be punished if I am guilty. I will counter all allegations in the court.”

    In November 2016, the bishop claimed, he received a complaint that the nun was indulging in “immoral activities”. “I got the complaint from a woman,” he said. “It said the nun was having an affair with her husband. So I asked the mother general of the congregation to conduct an inquiry. The nun became my enemy after that. She is now taking revenge on me.”

    The inquiry was not completed, he claimed, because of the nun’s “indifferent attitude”. “With the inquiry remaining inconclusive, the mother general issued a memo asking her to furnish a reply before July 2, failing which she would face disciplinary action,” he added. “She did not give a reply. Instead, she filed a complaint against me.”

    The nun’s family contradicted Mulakkal’s claims by releasing a photograph of the inquiry team from Jalandhar purportedly visiting the Kuravilangad convent. “It was taken when the inquiry panel came to the convent on June 2,” said a family member. “It proves that the nun filed the complaint with the church well before lodging a police complaint. The church panel had promised to find a solution before June 30. She filed the police complaint when the panel failed to take action. The bishop is distorting facts to escape punishment.”

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