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The pharmacist-cum-production manager who tried to formulate a drug for Corona virus died when testing with himself!

May 9, 2020

The pharmacist-cum-production manager who tried to formulate a drug for Corona virus died when testing with himself!

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The clinical and medical war against the Covid-19 virus all over the world: The world druggists, pharmacists and doctors have been struggling to get medicine in the leading laboratories publishing research papers after well-conducted tests. Still, they ave not been able to get any breakthrough. Generally, the needle of suspicion points to China, because, it started from there spreading all over the world affecting even highly sophisticated countries like USA, UK, France etc. The havoc played at Italy cannot be forgotten in history. Under such circumstances, many have engaged in research to discover a suitable drug, vaccine to prevent, control and kill the Covid-19 virus.

Dr Rajkumar with Rosaiah-Sujatha Biotec

Corona / Covid-19 virus affects druggists also: Corona / Covid-19 has been affecting not only the patients inflicted, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police, security and other connected, but, also the pharmacist, drug manufacturer and clinical analyst. Just in the case of “Siddhar” Thanikachalam, t has been pointed out that he never tried his invented drugs / formulations in any laboratory or get registered his formulations under IP and Drugs Act and Rules. Here, in the case of Sujatha Biotech, the popular manufacturers of many “Ayurvedic” and Swadhesi medicines like Nivaran 90, Memory Plus etc., it appears that the pharmacist and the MD of the company attempted to discover some medicine that could cure Covid-19 or BP, as the media reports variously.

K. Sivanesan, The pharmacist-cum-production manager
The pharmacist-cum-production manager tried to formulate a drug for Corona virus: The owner of a Chennai-based pharma company and his employee tried to create a “cure” for the coronavirus, but ended up consuming a corrosive chemical used to refine petroleum during testing, resulting in the staffer’s death late on Thursday, 08-05-2020[1]. The episode unfolded at the Chennai residence of Sujatha Biotech’s owner[2]. Chennai-based Sujatha Biotech, an Ayurvedic and herbal products company which was founded 30 years ago[3]. It has a plant in Kashipur, Uttarakhand, where Sivanesan was working. It appears that he invented some formulation to cure Coronavirus. In pharmaceutical industries, the invented new drug would be administered to rats, rabbits etc., and the results are observed through certain periods. It involves a lot of trial and error process. Because of urgency, perhaps, he decided to administer to himself and the owner to find out the reactions and results. Sujatha Bio-Tech is known for its cough syrup in sachet Nivaran, Velvette Shampoo and Memory Plus tablet[4].

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The inventor of the formulation subjected himself to the clinical trial: “Both the employee and the owner consumed the mixture and developed health problems. The owner’s condition is stable now,” said an officer probing the case[5]. The victim, 47-year-old K Sivanesan, had been working as a product manager with Sujatha Biotech for about 27 years[6]. He has been a pharmacist-cum-production manager of a Chennai-based Ayurvedic product company in T.Nagar. Dr Rajkumar, the managing director of the company, who is an ophthalmologist by qualification, was hospitalised after he fainted soon after he ingested the chemical component[7]. Due to the lockdown, Sivanesan came to Chennai and stayed with his family in Perungudi[8]. On Thursday morning, he procured the chemical component from a market in Parry’s Corner. First, he gave a small amount of powder he derived from the chemical to 67 years-old Rajkumar who fainted after tasting it. Even as he was being resuscitated, Sivanesan went into the kitchen of the house and gulped it in liquid form after adding water to it. He could not be revived.

K. Sivanesan killed, Sujatha Biotech, Chennai - 24

Plan to make a medicine for COVID-19 with Nitric Oxide and Sodium Nitrate: “On Thursday, Sivanesan and Dr Raj Kumar, the company’s owner, decided to meet as they had a plan to make a medicine for COVID-19 with Nitric Oxide and Sodium Nitrate. They mooted the plan hoping that the company will benefit in a large way if they succeed,” the officer said. During the experiment, however, Sivanesan and Kumar consumed Sodium Hydrate, used in the manufacture of chemicals and soaps, and in petroleum refining. “They seem to have had a belief that the mixture may be used for COVID-19 treatment and to improve platelet count in the body. As both of them developed problems, they were rushed to a private hospital where Sivanesan died around 8 pm on Thursday,” the officer said[9]. Later, media started reporting that they tried to conduct trial a new drug that could control BP[10]. In any case, hasty, secretive and unverifiable acts of scientific or unscientific or otherwise might lead to disastrous results, as the drugs deal with ailing patients.

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From Ayurvedic to Swadheshi to Covid-19: Sujatha Biotech sells Ayurvedic medicines, “cough cure granules”, and cough syrups. Police said they have sent items seized from a temporary laboratory set up at the residence for tests. His body has been sent to Government Royapettah Hospital for postmortem. Teynampet police registered a case under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code for unnatural death. N.S.Vasan, designer-cum-media manager of the company said, “Due to the lockdown, Sivanesan stayed in the city and one day told us he heard of some medicine from U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent speech for curing Coronavirus. He said it would bring more immunity and help to prevent COVID-19. Deciding to test the effect of the medicine, he went to Parry’s Corner and bought the powder.” He added that Sivanesan must have taken heavy dosage of the ‘drug’ and he was killed instantly. Vasan added: “All our products are ayurvedic. We used to test only herbal products. This was a chemical product that Sivanesan was testing though, and possibly for the first time ever.”

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