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God’s own country involved with gold smuggling, hawala, money-laundering, terror funding etc., [2]

July 30, 2020

God’s own country involved with gold smuggling, hawala, money-laundering, terror funding etc., [2]

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Koduvally, in Kozhikode district of north Kerala – a unique place for hawala network: Koduvally, a sleepy pocket in Kozhikode district of north Kerala, has a unique place in the state’s hawala network. An NRI hub, the semi-literate villagers here literally invented hawala operations in the early 1970s. However, they don’t call it hawala. They conveniently configured the illegal money operations like that of a private bank, offering solutions to millions of the poor working abroad. The mini money exchange offers doorstep delivery. Around 100 villagers run the exchange, part of the “kuzhal (tube money)” operations by transferring funds illegally to India from the Gulf. A thousand other people are part of the distribution network. Koduvally has thrived with the gains made from the hawala racket. The village has more than 200 jewellery shops in a 500-metre radius. In hawala cases, arrest, release on bail, jail etc., have been common for the people, as revealed through court cases[1]. They do not have any remorse and continue to do as their God-given job.  These court case references are given only for illustrative purposes[2], as there have been thousands of such cases at different levels of judicial and quasi-judicial forums.

ZeeNews, Gold smuggling case- Accused Sarith sourced gold in large quantities from abroad, NIA tells Court
Kerala hawala has nexus with politicians: The police files since 2007 clearly reveal the key people including politicians behind the hawala racket and gold smuggling operations in Kerala but little action has been taken. The home minister and current CPI (M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has directed the DGP to set up a high-level police team headed by Inspector General of Police Vinson M. Paul. Raids have been conducted in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. Among the houses raided include that of Karat Razak, a former Indian Union Muslim League leader and currently a Left-backed independent legislator representing Koduvally. Police have seized a notebook listing money transactions and several bank passbooks from his properties.

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Koduvally, NDF, nexus etc, from 2007: The state’s crime files from the past list 13 people who control the hawala network in Koduvally. The police also found hawala operators facilitating radical organisations like the National Democratic Front, the original outfit which morphed into the current Social Democratic Party of India. In a secret report dated July 30, 2007, then additional DGP and intelligence chief Jacob Punnoose had warned that a fake currency racket was operating in the state and that it had a close nexus with Islamic radical organisations such as the National Development Front (NDF). He also pointed out that fake currency was widely distributed through hawala operations in Kerala. In his report, he has listed case studies of hawala operators in Kerala who have close nexus with the NDF. “Anus Saidhalavi, Thayyil House, Mannathumangalam in Malappuram district, an NDF worker and carrier in the hawala network, was arrested on July 11, 2007, while he was transacting money. Perinthalmanna police recovered Rs 9,000 in fake currency from him and registered a case with crime number 491/07 under Section 489(A) and 34 of Indian Penal code based on the information provided by Mohammed Basheer of Marayamangalam. It was found that hawala operators were mixing counterfeit currency with the original while distributing money to their clients. Earlier, a similar case was registered against Anus when he handed over Rs 25,000 to Karattil Ahmmad of Edathara village in Malappuram. He had used counterfeit currency worth Rs 9,000 to make payments,” the intelligence chief’s report stated about one incident. Punnoose’s report also narrated how lower rank police officials facilitated hawala operations after accepting bribes. These reports and many such others linking politicians, hawala operations, gold smuggling and a wide network of facilitators have been gathering dust for many years now. “I doubt whether even the NIA investigation will expose the network completely. Every political party has a stake in these shady deals,” says a senior advocate in the Kerala High Court.

Munavarali Shihab Thangal’s photo with smuggler goes viral-IE 2017

Hawala, kuzhal panam, ISIS and terror funding- during 2016: Days after the RBI’s November 8 withdrawal of high-denomination currency notes, Kerala’s hawala network went into complete paralysis. The illegal hawala pipeline funnels what the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and the Kerala police estimate to be Rs 40,000 crore between the Gulf countries and India’s southern-most state[3]. Overnight, this parallel banking network was stuck with useless currency worth thousands of crores. A body blow had been dealt to a network with incestuous ties to the gold smuggling, builder and the fake currency network as it would never be able to mobilise enough currency from the market for distribution[4]. Hawala, banned by the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 2000, and Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002, is thriving again. Security agencies have always known that the network is a crucial channel for distributing Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN). As far back as in 2009, a report by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) had cited two high security printing presses run by Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in Karachi’s Malir Cantonment as the source of the FICN. Abdul Salam of Malappuram, as the mastermind of the fake currency racket. Salam, deported by Saudi Arabia and arrested by the NIA at IGI airport in New Delhi on December 23 2016 revealed that he had smuggled “high quality” fake currency worth an astonishing Rs 3,000 crore in a five-year period (2009-14) using carriers to Kerala.

Gold import, Business Today, Print Edition- Dec 8, 2013

23-07-2020 – Transfer of Customs officers, an order issued etc: The state has two Customs Commissionerates having their respective jurisdiction — while the Customs House based at Willingdon Island here headed by Mohammed Yousaf has jurisdiction over Kochi port and Kochi airport, the Customs Commissionerate Preventive under Sumit Kumar also based in Kochi has jurisdiction over all other airports, seaports in the state, marine unit and Lakshadweep[5]. But due to manpower shortage, some of the officers from Customs House have been loaned to the Customs Commissionerate Preventive[6]. The order included the transfer of six superintendents and two inspectors attached to the Kochi unit of the Customs, who are presently probing the case, to other units[7]. At a time when the diplomatic baggage gold smuggling case is at its crucial stage, attempts are being made to change the Customs department investigation team[8]. 10 of the key investigative officers have been given transfer orders triggering another controversy[9]. The order issued by Kochi Customs Commissioner Muhamamd Yousuf has transferred the probe officers to various units[10]. It is learned that the order has been issued without the knowledge of lead investigating officer Sumith Kumar. He has expressed strong objection over the transfer order to the higher officials. The order said it was approved by the Chief Commissioner. Questioning this, Sumith Kumar expressed objection to his higher officials. Following the reaction, the transfer order has been frozen but not withdrawn. The transfer of officers at the Customs functioning at airports and ports has been a regular feature[11]. Over 50 customs officers at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) were transferred to various departments after a team from the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) found imported liquor and foreign currency in their lockers[12]. There has not been any mechanism to check corruption at these points and such conditions lead to smuggling and other serious crimes.

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NIA takes over Kerala gold smuggling case- K T Fareez

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Dhulagarh communal riots: Nothing happened, after all, it was a “local issue” – now everything settled – – why Dhulagarh riots have been communalized, secularized and neutralized! (3)

January 5, 2017

Dhulagarh communal riots: Nothing happened, after all, it was a “local issue” – now everything settled – – why Dhulagarh riots have been communalized, secularized and neutralized! (3)


TIMES NOW Report From Dhulagarh (December 23, 2016)[1]: For the past one week (13-12-2015 to 20-12-2016), a small town in Howrah, West Bengal has been simmering, boiling and burning. For the past seven days, the people of Dhulagarh have been facing unthinkable hardships – causing many to flee their homes. It all began on December 12, 2016 tension erupted in Dhulagarh when two groups reportedly clashed as a procession was brought out in the area last week. The groups hurled bombs at each other,when houses in Dhulagarh were attacked by an angry mob that hurled bombs and looted and torched people’s homes after they were not allowed to carry out a the procession. So the reportedly attacked groups hurled bombs on each other, however, the homes were targeted, as the processionists had no houses there! How then, the processionists plan to come there with bombs, where houses were there and the people were also there with bombs, so that they could hurl against them? Here, who took out the procession is not mentioned on the occasion of “Miladu Nabi”!

dulagarh-14-12-2016-rioters-in-action-mamta-nothing-happenedSo, Surojit Khara was bold enough to be there, when bombs were hurled and his house was burnt down: TIMES NOW spoke to one resident of a colony in Dhulagarh that was ransacked and torched.  “That day was normal, just like any other day. Some of my neighbours were running. I was thinking whether something was happening. Nobody was ready to talk about it. Then a hoard of people arrived, and started hurling bombs. They looted us and set our houses on fire,” said 28 year old Surojit Khara, who stands as the sole guard of his house – the others have fled the area. “My house, shops were set on fire. This entire lane was set on fire. The temple nearby was attacked with at least 25 bombs. This went on for 3-4 hours,” Khara stated. Frantic calls were reportedly made to the police, who turned up around three to four hours later. The police had to use tear gas to bring the situation under control, reports add. The residents however claim that no action was initiated by the cops even as the violence raged on[2].

dulagarh-14-12-2016-mamta-prays-for-muslimsFirst, it was reported that the Miladi Nabi processionist were Muslims and the targeted were Hindus: On 23rd December, the Times-Now could not tell that the processionist were Muslims. On 31st December, Daily Mail and India Today could identify that the processioners were Muslims and the people who were attacked by them were Hindus. Thus, the sufferings of the Hindus by the Muslim rioters have been brought out by Minhaz Merchant and Insrajit Kundu in “Daily Mail”[3]. Though, the State government announced holiday on 12-12-2016, on the pretext of the Miladu-Nabi procession, the Muslims carried out a rally cum procession, particularly on the auspicious day of “Margashirsha purnia” on 13-12-2015[4].  Knowingly, that particular area, Hindus was performing their celebrations, how the police allowed the procession is intriguing. Any careful or secular police officer would have prevented it, but, it was not done. When they were playing songs in high pitch, after the request of the Hindus, they could have reduced the volume, had they really wanted t respect the sentiments of their Hindu-brethren, but, they did not do. The riot started on 13-12-2016 and continued on 14-12-2016[5].  In fact, as, nowadays, it is common that Police used to videograph entire procession-proceedings, the could easily fix who started provocation leading to riot. Even, if riot started, they must have stopped it. But, what happened was different.

dulagarh-14-12-2016-rioters-in-action-3“Pakistan Zindabad” – would not have been shouted by the Hindus of Dhulagarh: The Hindus had to run to save their lives, leaving their houses and shops with all their belongings. At that time only, the rioters looted, poured petrol and kersine and burnt down. All valuables, cash and other things were carried away. Crude bombs were thrown to terrorize them and reducing their belongings to ashes[6]. The local police remained inactive while the mobs resorted to loot and arson. In one place the police arrived on the spot after the mobs had left. In another they ordered the residents to leave within two minutes and then watched on as the mobs looted and ransacked the house[7]. In yet another, the police came on time but they themselves fled when the mob came[8]. Just adjacent to the Manna household on Banerjee para lives the Mondal’s. Maitri Mondal, a mother of two says she heard chants of “Pakistan Zindabad” as the violent mob entered her bedroom and set it ablaze[9].  Thus, the souting of “Pakistan Zindabad” is intriguing to show their sickening mentality. Dilip Khanra was among many who had locked themselves up inside a room when the mob was nearing the village, pelting crude bombs one after another. “When the police came, we were told to leave our houses in two minutes! They didn’t even stop the mob from vandalizing our homes. They kept looting and burning as the police stood as silent spectators,” he says[10]. Again this proves the role of police in “running the riot”.

dulagarh-14-12-2016-zee-tvTaking strict action against Dhulagarh rioters & compensating: The Governor ordered the DGP to submit a report on the riots and that brought pressure on the government[11]. Meanwhile, top officials at the state home department said SP Howrah (Rural) Sabyasachi Raman Mishra was transferred in the wake of violence in less than a fortnight of his appointment[12]. The West Bengal government today said it had taken strict actions against those involved in the Dhulagarh riots in Howrah district and also started compensating the affected[13]. Rs 30,000/- was announced for the families who lost their houses burnt, but, they told that the compensation was meagre, as they lost everything in their house including money and day-to-day usage articles. A top official at the state secretariat said the government has already started compensating the families affected by the violence which rocked the district earlier this month. “Families in Dhulagarh which have been affected will be compensated. We have also decided to rebuild the houses damaged during the riots,” the officials said on 28-12-2016. Asked if persons involved in the riots were booked, the official said, “The state government has already taken strict action in the matter and arrests have been made… Law will take its own course.” Sources in the district police said people are wary of returning to their homes and thus have to remain homeless, barely 20 km from the state secretariat[14].

secularized-and-neutralized-as-if-nothing-happened-dhulagarh-riotsSecularization of riots, communalism and historiography – is it Marxist or Mamta way?: How Dhulagarh riots have been secularized has been explained above. How “secularism” discourse is used always against “communalism”, where, the former is linked with “Islamism” and the latter with “Hinduism”, reportedly followed by the “Sangj Parivar”. This has been the topic of the seminar held at Thiruvanathapuram by the IHC-experts and a part of IHC, as coincided, decided and attended by the elite, eminent and emeritus historians like Romila Thapar and also Marxist CM-politician Prannayi Vijayan. Last year, there was a coincidence that the Malda riots started just after the IHC session held there. But, how the Dhulagarh riots were completed, and the IHC started with “Secularism” seminar. However, much of secular discourse was carried on Mamta there the TMC-CM, just like Rolima Thapar. Now both are over and we have to wait and see as to Thiruvanathapuram, i.e, Kerala would go in the “Malda way” or “Mata way”, as Mamta appears to have donned the “Marxist garb”!

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Dhulagar riot reporting – based on police version, official version and finally secularized version – why Dhulagarh riots have been communalized, secularized and neutralized! (2)

January 4, 2017

Dhulagar riot reporting – based on police version, official version and finally secularized version – why Dhulagarh riots have been communalized, secularized and neutralized! (2)


Indian Express reported only on 17-12-2016, but based on Police version[1]: DHULAGARH IN Howrah continued to be tense on Friday (16-12-2016), days after an attack on a procession held to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary (13-12-2016). Houses and shops were burnt down in a retaliatory attack. Since Tuesday (13-12-2016), when the violence started, over 25 people have been arrested. “The Muslims have claimed that they were ambushed by a group of Hindus, who had objected to the procession. The violence was controlled and we arrested a few people,” said a senior police officer. The next day (14-12-2016), a Muslim mob allegedly attacked Hindu homes and shops and them ablaze. “Policemen rushed to the spot and managed to diffuse the tension. But the next day, for almost two hours, there was a stand-off between the police and rioters from both communities. They were carrying bombs… We used tear gas shells… Finally, we had to call in reinforcements to bring the situation under control,” said the officer. Police said a case has been registered under charges of rioting and breaking communal harmony against members of both communities. “The situation is under control… Forces, including RAF, have been posted at Dhulagarh to maintain peace,” said an officer[2]. When contacted, Trinamool Congress MLA from Sankrail in Howrah, Sital Kumar Sardar, said: “There was some tension. But both communities sat down with the police and came to an amicable solution. Peace has been restored.” Incidentally, here also, the reporter is “Aniruddha Ghosal”, but, he did not express anything of that sort as reported on 29-12-2016.

dulagarh-attacked-on-14-12-2016-rioters-and-policeThe First post’s report appeared on December 28, 2016 based on the reports of other newspapers![3]: Dhulagarh, a town 25 kilometres west of Kolkata, has been simmering for the past fortnight, following communal clashes that saw people’s houses and shops being targetted and set on fire. A “Times Now report” said 65 people have been arrested, and the state administration has asked the DGP Surajit Kar Purakayastha to take prompt action against the culprits and to ensure peace. The tension erupted on 12 December, 2016 when two groups clashed as a procession was brought out in the area last week[4]. After the groups were not allowed to carry out the procession, the “Times Now website” reported, they hurled bombs at each other, and the angry mob also looted and torched people’s homes. The next day, on 13 December, 2016 the occasion of Milad-ul-Nabi, there were further clashes in the area. A section of locals claim the clashes were unprovoked, according to a report in the “DNA newspaper”[5].

dulagarh-14-12-2016-temples-attackedLocal residents claim that they had to flee with their children and elderly as soon as the mob hurled country-made bombs at their houses. Later, the mob allegedly looted the houses and fled with the money and jewellery, later also setting it on fire[6]. “Nothing is left. We are looted of all our belongings. They ransacked and vandalised our houses and eventually set them on fire. We could not save a single penny from our houses, only managed to save our children and ran for life,” said a local, Lakshmi Mallya. The violence didn’t stop there, however. The next day, a Muslim mob allegedly attacked Hindu homes and shops and them ablaze, reported “The Indian Express”. “Policemen rushed to the spot and managed to diffuse the tension. But the next day, for almost two hours, there was a stand-off between the police and rioters from both communities. They were carrying bombs. We used tear gas shells. Finally, we had to call in reinforcements to bring the situation under control,” an officer said.

dulagarh-14-12-2016-rioters-in-action-2BJP group prevented from going to Dhulagarh: A case of rioting and breaking communal harmony was registered against members of both communities. “The situation is under control. Forces, including RAF, have been posted at Dhulagarh to maintain peace,” the “Indian Express” report quoted the officer as saying. However, despite the heavy presence of police and armed forces in the area, things didn’t return to normalcy. A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) delegation — comprising party leaders Jagdambika Pal, Satpal Singh, state president Dilip Ghosh and national secretary Rahul Sinha, and several volunteers — was stopped at Ekabbarapur Road, about one kilometre away from the spot where the clashes had taken place a few days ago, reported “The Quint”[7]. Angered by this, the BJP delegation, along with thousand-odd supporters, blocked the road in protest. Alleging that there is no law and order in the state, Pal said the government was following “appeasement politics towards a particular community”. Ghosh alleged right-wing Muslim outfits and Simi activists have entered the area and were creating trouble[8]. He also said BJP was not given prior any information about prohibitory orders being imposed in Dhulagarh. “We are surprised that police did not allow us to approach the people in the area to know about their plight of sufferings,” Ghosh said.

dulagarh-14-12-2016-chaudhary-vs-banerjeeThe Police became “secular” with the rioters and also with the political parties: CPM the opposition party also attempted to do the same. However, perhaps in an attempt to prove that they weren’t targeting one specific political party, the police also stopped a CPM delegation from entering the violence-scarred area. The CPM team comprised party general secretary Sitaram Yechury, Lok Sabha MP Mohammad Salim and MLA Sujan Chakraborty, among others, said another report in The Indian Express. Having addressed a public rally at Dhulagarh Chaurasta (crossing) and appealed for peace, the CPM leaders tried marching to the locality where arson and clashes had occurred, but the police stopped them. “If we are not being allowed to enter even now, and there is Section 144 of CrPC imposed, it means the situation still hasn’t been brought under control,” Salim said. “Our demand is for the state government to bring normalcy immediately, and paying monetary compensation for those affected by violence.”

sudhir-chaudhary-facebook-27-12-2016Cases filed against Zee-TV reporters for covering the riots: Under fire from various quarters, the state government imposed restrictions on the media regarding coverage of the Dhulagarh violence[9]. According to The New Indian Express, the state government even went a step ahead and slapped a non-bailable offence against three employees of the TV channel Zee News, including editor Sudhir Chaudhary, West Bengal correspondent Pooja Mehta and cameraperson Tanmay Mukherjee under Section 153A (promoting enmity) of the Indian Penal Code[10]. However, the Sankrail police didn’t confirm registering an FIR. “We register over 30 FIRs on a daily basis. We can’t distinguish which are related to Dhulagarh,” said a police officer at the Sankrail police station. Chaudhary took to social networking site Facebook to call the action taken against his channel an example of the West Bengal government’s “intolerance”. “It’s another low point in our democracy to see a democratically elected govt using police force to curb media in an effort to suppress uncomfortable facts and reality. When you can’t manage media,use the state machinery to conquer the media only to conceal the failures of your administration. It shows the intolerance of a chief minister who is using the state machinery as her personal fiefdom and acting like a feudal lord,” he wrote[11]. In a case of crackdown on press freedom, a non-bailable warrant was filed against Zee News reporters by the government of West Bengal for covering the Dhulagarh riots, claims Zee News editor Sudhir Chaudhury[12]. He wrote on Twitter: “@MamataOfficial Govt files FIR against me& @ZeeNews reporter for covering #DhulagarhRiots with Non Bailable sections. FIR for showing truth?”

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