Dalit – Precept, Problem and Politics

Dalit – Precept, Problem and Politics

Published in “Dimensions of Conversion”, the Vivekananda Kendra Patrika, Vol. 24, Feb. 1995, pp. 98-114.

Introduction: The issue of “Dalit” identity in social, economic and political context has become so important nowadays, that it has been affecting the thinking processes of all opinion making and decision taking authorities in
India. Even though, originally, it was a social problem, now it has attained significance resulting in far-fetching consequences in deciding the future of Indian polity. The handling of “Dalit” issue is very sensitive, as it is like a double-edged weapon, which may affect the person against whom it is used and as well as the person who uses it. Moreover, it is extremely delicate to deal, as it may always has ended in emotional conflicts, leading to unexpected results. Before entering into the study of “Dalit” problem, the background of it should be understood thoroughly.

Undoubtedly, the word “Dalit” has attained the prominence, only during the last one decade or even lesser than that period. But, the political exploitation of such concept can be traced back to the Muslim and British periods. The fact that the expressions “untouchables” and “untouchability” were first coined and started to be used by the British can be seen from their Census documents1. As the issue of “Dalit” involves caste and untouchability, all factors behind should also be studied with care and attention.

Untouchability: As the social scientists got familiarization with the expressions “untouchables” and “untouchability” through the British, the other word “caste” has been introduced to them by the Portuguese with due blessings of Europeans writers2. The description, explanation and exposition given to the concept of “caste” have completely distorted and even tarnished the concept of “Varnashrama dharma” of Hindu religion or Sanathana dharma. Nowadays, the “Dalit” writers have started equating even the very expression “Sanathana” with racism and fascism. Similarly the explanations given to “untouchables” and “untouchability” have contorted the social stratification of Indian society based on economic and political conditions of the traditional factors. Then comes the concept of “Dalit” and its ramifications with complications.

The Origin of the word “Dalit”: The origin is definitely Sanskrit, initially used by the Marathi and Hindi writers in adjective form to describe the “Harijans”, as dalit, dhukit, pidit, pichde logon etc. to denote depressed, sorrowful, broken, affected, backward peoples. Gandhiji used the expression “Harijans” to denote Scheduled Caste Hindus considering their pitiable state and conditions of untouchability. By using such expression, perhaps, he clearly sent signals to the divisive British and Muslim groups that they belonged to Hindu society, and therefore, they had no business to meddle with the social processes of Hindu society. Accordingly, though he condemned the practice of untouchability, but upheld the Varnashrama dharma system, clearly explaining the difference between the so-called modern caste system and Varnashrama dharma3.

The Role of Muslims and British: As pointed out, prior to the advent of the British, nobody thought of “untouchability”, even though such practice was definitely followed. Though, the affected communities, definitely revolted against the ill-treatment meted out, many times, they compromised with their disabilities. With the success of implanting the minority consciousness in the minds of Muslims, the British writers cleverly decided to divide the Hindu society. They recognized Muslims as a distinct entity by giving separate electorate in 1909. In the year, 1910, the Census Commissioner of
India chose to divide the Hindu population into:

(i)                  Hindus,

(ii)                Animists and

(iii)               depressed classes or untoucables.

Previously, the division was always based on religion. Of course, the Muslims also aided and abetted with the British collaborators. By pointing out the differences among the Hindus and sowing the seeds by mooting the idea that tribals were different from the caste Hindus, in their address to Lord Minto, the then Viceroy of India. B. R. Ambedkar himself has pointed out this important fact4. The Muslims wantonly suggested that in calculating the numerical strength of Hindus, the tribals, animists and untouchables should be excluded. Here, it may be mentioned that initially Muslims tried to convert the High Caste Hindus, particularly, Brahmins by force, lure of power and compulsory marriages or better understood as “sham marriages” 5. Though almost, all Muslim rulers followed this practice, it was at pest during the reign of Akbar6. But, the Brahmins took serous action immediately by excommunicating such families and rewriting / amending the Dharma Shasatras, which resulted in many sociological implications. Particularly, the latter method led to different conclusions to arrive at by the scholars in deciding the date of such works and as well as know about the ancient society of
India. As they failed with the Brahmins, they turned their attention towards other castes. The experiment with Rajaputs and other royal castes also resulted in unfavourable political and social conditions. Again, it may be mentioned that it was during this period, the practice of sati was perhaps revived or introduced. Somehow, they could not match with the business communities, as they themselves were originally engaged in commercial activities. Thus, finally they turned their guns towards the lower strata of Hindu society. They cleverly used the Sufi movement for this purpose7. Accordingly they tried some sort of “Inculturation” – methods with the new converts, which were subsequently opposed by the Muslim fundamentalists8. A careful study of Jizya clearly exposes the tactics of conversion (Tabligh movements) of Muslim rulers. Anybody can even now notice that it is the lower strata of Hindu society, which strongly protects and spreads Hinduism than the higher strata, by way of visiting various temples and holy places regularly and periodically according to tradition instead of convenience, conducting festivals and performing traditional pujas in all villages. That is why “Jizya rulers” specifically affected them, as they could not use horses for pilgrimages, wear saffron robes prominently, take their women-folk with them even though it was mandatory according to their custom and tradition, use of ghats, ponds, and other holy waters and so on. Therefore it is not all a new tactics for the Muslims to create dissensions within Hindu society by their crooked methods. Only, the change was that they used the British to perform their game9.

Determination of Untouchability: Therefore inspired by the suggestion of the Muslims, the Census Commissioner of
India in 1911 tried to differentiate Hindus and non-Hindus other than Muslims and Christians. He issued a circular10 with the following criteria to effect such division among those who were not 100% Hindus were included – “Castes and tribes” – which –

  1. deny the supremacy of the Brahmans
  2. do not receive the manthras from a Brahmana or other recognized Hindu guru
  3. deny the authority of Vedas
  4. do not worship the Hindu gods
  5. are not served by good Brahmans as family priests
  6. have no Brahmana priests at all
  7. are denied access to the interior of Hindu temples
  8. cause pollution (i) by touch or (ii) within a certain distance
  9. bury their dead and
  10. eat beef and do not show reverence to the cow.

Evidently the conditions framed were rater more anti-Brahmanic than anti-Hindu as at that time they themselves wrote many books about the various facets of Hindu society. Slowly they stopped using the word “untouchability” or “untouchables” and prefer to use “exterior caste”.

Then, they also used the expression “depressed castes”. It is in vogue between 1920 and 1935. In Tamilnadu as early as in 1857, the expression “Adi Dravidar” was used to denote lower castes. Similar expressions “Adi Andhras” and “Adi Karanatakas” were used by their counterparts in Andrapradesh and Karnataka regions. Thus, though “Harijans” was the glorified term used by Gandhiji in 1933 for them, the term “Scheduled caste” was the expression first invented by the Simon Commission11. However, in recent times, all caste organizations and politicians are prepared to use the term “Dalit” as there have been converted Christians and Muslims from the Hindu religion and they do not want to use the label of “Harijan” as it definitely denotes to the people of Hindu origin.

Print and electronic media’s role: Therefore the media persons particularly the journalists with the support of Christian and Muslim lobbies preferred to use very often the adjective word “Dalit” as noun to denote SCs or Harijans. Here, they tactfully used the word to include the converts from Hindu religion to Christianity and Islam also, though legally (Constitutionally) it is incorrect. Thus, from Marathi or Hindi writings the word has been picked up and started to be used by other journalists in English dailies. Dr. Ambedkar also said to have switched over to this word, as he did not want to use the terminology of Gandhiji.

Political usage: Later, politicians also started to use this word at political meetings at villages and rural areas to attract them. as the SCs / Harijans wanted to have a new name for them, because of changing times, they also preferred to be called as “Dalits”, instead of the old names. In fact, in Tamilnadu, they still prefer to use “Adi Dravidar”, “Dravidar” and even “Paraiyar” 12, as they have reservations about the use of Sanskrit / Hindi word “Dalit”. But, as their leaders started to understand the political significance of the word, they have slowly started to accept it, and it may not be denied that the editor V. T. Rajasekhara Shetty of “Dalit Voice” popularized the word in the South in selected circles. However, the interesting feature is the over-enthusiastic usage of the word “Dalit” by the Christian organizations of various hues and colours. Muslims have also started to use it. Perhaps, Muslims of Maharastra started to use it. Then, “Dalit Muslims” became popular with the starting of organizations with “Dalit” banner like “Dalit Muslim Suraksha Samiti” by the notorious-smuggler-turned-social worker Haji Mastan of Bombay. After the Meenakshipuram episode, some Muslims have openly started using the expression, even though most of the Muslims do not want to use it, as according to the concept of “Islam”, they cannot have “Caste”.

Christian Missionaries manipulations: The manipulations of Christian missionaries are discussed as follows, as they have vested interests.

Christianity, caste and untouchability: In spite of the tall claims made but the Christians, the caste, racism, untouchability and other factors have been there in Christianity. The hundreds of denominations in different countries based on theology, practices, tribes etc., are the direct proof. Pope Gregory XV published a bull sanctioning caste regulations in the
Churches of
India. Even the U. N. Commission of Inquiry (1953) into the racial situation in
South Africa reported the Biblical background of inspiration for them to adopt “Apartheid” or “Christian caste system” with untouchability [Genesis. 9.25, Joshua. 9.21, 23 ” 27]. Untouchability also finds its way to Bible [Joshua. 9.19]. In
Ireland, there are separate streets for Roman Catholics and Protestants, as each group treats others “untouchables”.

Slavery has been a divine approved system [Levi. 25: 44-46; Timothy. 6.11]. Prasadam offered to Jehovah should not be eaten by others [Exo.12:43]. They should not touch things holy to him or offer sacrifice [Levi. 22:25]. Bible should not be taught to others [Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, p.623; Exo.27:33]. They cannot offer incense [Numbers.16:40]. They should not approach the holy tabernacle i.e, the “Garba Griha” / Sanctum Sanctorum [Numbers 1.51]. The dishonest Christians suppress everything and try to fool the gullible SCs and STs projecting that their religion saves them. they could not save their own souls of SCs / STs with dubious methods. There are A to Z Churches with denominations (castes) running into more than 3000 depending upon the nation, language, ethnicity, culture, civilization and other factors. The matrimonial columns appearing in the newspapers and periodicals expose their hypocrisy, as the bride / groom are hunted only on the basis of “caste” and not on the “Christ”!

Crores of Rupees flow into India from abroad to convert
India to Christianity. World Christian Organizations never hide this plan. After the Neogi Commission Report, they have only changed their tactics in routing the money. Political pressure at national and international levels is applied through different cannels to pump money in. only 30-40% is actually spent under the guise of charity, service, and liberation etc., whereas, 60-70% is adjusted in their manipulated accounts duly certified. They have formed their own high castes and they do not want to share profits with the new converts. They treat them just as “natives” counting numbers and sending statistical figures to parent organizations. Thus, the discrimination persists and percolates to bottom reaching new complications and crating new social tensions. Therefore, to divert the issue, as decided by the World Council of Churches and other organizations, they set up different “research groups” to shift the blame to Hinduism and escape. After politicizing, they have tried to internationalize the issue. Whoever Indian writer, journalist or “scholar”, who supports this theory, is received aboard usually USA or
Germany and taken care of.

“Dalit Theology”13 is the superior theology masqueraded in mere theoretical egalitarianism to fool “Dalits” projecting Jesus as the Super Star Saviour and Christianity to solve all their social problems, suppressing all cold facts, historical truths and the past tract record of Christianity.

“Liberation Theology”14 is nothing but “Christian Communism” with God offered in different garb mainly advocating violence. It advocates violence, terrorism and anti-national activities in a country where it is preached. After the death of Communism and exposure of their deadly acts in Latin American countries, they have turned their attention to “Dalit Theology”.

Brain washing Dalits: They adopt and adapt spurious scholarship, falsified histories, forged documents to create new hypotheses and theories. Many books have been published with much fanfare and publicity. Their mouth-piece journals publicize well about the publications. Now, they unscrupulously use the same methodology in full swing as a part of their psychological warfare with all their propaganda arms and brainwashing ammunition. These forces openly join with Communist, Muslim, “Dalit” and other banner organizations, portray the symbols of Narayan Guru, Karl Marx, E. V. Ramaswami Naicker, B. R. Ambedkar and give a rhetoric or cocktail of their philosophies and ideologies to inspire, excite and animate, ultimately brainwash them. Invariably, Hinduism is condemned and criticized for all social aberrations and modern evils; Hindu Gods blasphemed and profaned; Hindu scriptures reviled and scoffed at with sacrilege. The audience would be thrilled leading to ecstasy with clapping hands, shouting slogans, jumping and raising hands. One would be perhaps baffled to see the stage, where all opposing ideologues, religious heads and propagandists sitting together. Though they stress only upon their viewpoint without sacrificing their motive and compromising religious tenets, they would be very much united as far as abusing Hinduism, Hindu Gods and Hindu religious leaders are concerned. They mix different ideologies; quote unhistorical events; make false statements and finally, perhaps, this becomes their ideology sand theology.

Warning to Dalits: The motive of Christianity in India, at present is to destabilize and disintegrate
India through various social, economic and political blackmails. For that all international agencies are used directly or indirectly to achieve their goals. For this game plan, they try to misuse or rather abuse SCs / STs as their pawns. Therefore, they should not fall prey to their designs. The issues of human rights, women rights, liberation, self-determination, environment, indigenous people etc., are to fool the poor third world countries.

Why Christianity failed?: Christianity has failed not only in
India but also in the entire world, because of its contradictions, inconsistencies and self-deceptive theologies. In spite of the support of colonial powers, world nomination and super-power backing, it has been collapsing in the west. Psychologists and Sociologists have proved the link between the rise of crime rate, particularly against women and children, female degradation, teenage mothers, divorce, abortion, racial discrimination, drugs and other modern evils and the Christian theological concepts applied through the clergy. The Church attendance / audience have been dwindling down day by day and many Churches are sold for demolition and commercial buildings built at their sites. Therefore, as the Christians cannot save the souls of them, definitely, they cannot save the SC / STs of
India. Instead of fishing in troubled waters in
India, it is better they concentrate in their own lands to prevent the believers go out of their religion.

Islam and caste: Islam too claims that it has no caste system, as it treats every Muslim equal. But, to understand it, one has to understand Islam and its basic tenets. As it is not known to everybody, generally, people believe what is told to them or what they read about Islam. They either do not want to ask questions or know about it, as they are either afraid of Muslims or feel extremely “delicate” to ask such “inconvenient” questions.

Islam treats all Muslims equal, not all human beings on the earth. Even, among Muslims,  there are many different castes based on theology, interpretation of scriptures, acceptance or rejection of scriptures, mode of worship, celebration of festivals, representing religious-symbols, grave-yards, Quran book, the position of Imams, Caliphs, Prophets after Mohammed, Sufism, miracles, etc. on one side, and country, tribe, culture, tradition, heritage and other factors on the other side. For converts, all factors will be applicable. The so-called Muslims who have been classified as OBC in different denominations as follows15:


Jammu ” Kashmir:





West Bengal:


Maimals (Muslim fishermen), Manipur Muslims.

Bharathira, Chik, Dafalange, Dafeale, Faqir, Gadihar, Hima, Karanjia, Qassar, Darzi, Kasai, Bhangi, Madari, Miriasin, Mirishkar, Momin, Mukro, Nat, Pamania, Rangrez, Sayee, Thakurai.

Eafan, Defer, Fakir, Gadhai, Galiva, Ghanchi, Hingora, Jat, Tari, Halarikhatki, Darban, Makrani, Mausari, Kureshi, Miana, Mir, Mirasi, Panchara, Sandhi, Patni Jamat, Turk Jamat, Waghev.

Bhat, Dhar, Dooma, Hajjan, Julaha, Lohar, Lone, Kul, Faqir, Kumhar, Mochi, Teli, Nal Band.

Ansari, Julai, Tamboli, Beri, Chaffar band, Darzi, Dhobi, Faqir, Takaras, Zargars.


Faqir, Meqati.



Ansari, Kassab, Banjara, Kayastha.

Ansari, Faqir, Sain.

Besides, these divisions, they have their own divisions based on the factors mentioned below:

Sunni, Kariji, Shia, Zaida, Imamia, Ismaliyya, Kojha, Bohra, Nizari, Isna Ashari, Kachi-menon, Mutazila, Murji, Wahabi, Ba’hai,  Ahmeddhi, Shanusi, Sufi, and so on.

This shows the hypocrisy and double standards of Muslims proclaiming universal brotherhood, non-discrimination etc., at one end and fool the converts and accepting reservation on the basis of caste on the other hand. Therefore, converts should carefully think about the motive of the converters. Are they actually liberating them or chaining them with Islamic bondage forever? In Islam, there is no exemption, exception or relaxation, once you are declared as “Kafir”, you will be hunted for persecution. To say simply, you do not like Islam, you cannot leave Islam and come out.  Apostasy cannot be thought of in Islam and only death is the reward for apostates. You can blame, criticize and even blaspheme your Hindu Gods and be Hindus forever, but you cannot be a Muslim or you cannot live by blaming, criticizing or condemning Islamic Gods and Prophets.

The concept of pollution and untouchability: Quran spesks of two types of pollution and impurity – Idolatry [Sura.9, Ayat. 28] and Muslim women [II.222]. Other contaminations are drinking, traveling, sexual intercourse [V.43] and Devil (Satan) [XXIV.21]. kafirs are always considered as untouchables according to Quran. Kufru is the unclean status / condition. Untouchability is also ascribed to eating of carrion, blood and swine flesh [II.173]. Women are prohibited from entering mosques and pray along with men as they are polluted by menstruation periodically [Hadis]. Hadis also describes about sexual pollution and ablution. Emancipation of women-believing slaves is nly mentioned, that too in the context of marriage [II.177; IV.25, 36, 92; XXIV.32; LVII.3; XL.13], but not about men-slaves. Mohammed sanctioned slavery unscrupulously to kafirs (unbelievers, heathens, pagans, non-Muslims) by Jihad (holy war) denying all human rights. Thus, the entire world is divided into Dar-al-Islam (the domain of Islam) and Dar-al-Harab (the domain of war); the humanity into momins (believers) and kairs (non-believers); kafirs are further divided into people with books (al-kitabia = Jews and Christians) and people without books (all other religions other than mentioned); they are also known as Zimmis, when they pay Jizya.

The concept of kafir depends on kufr i.e, impurity, status, unacceptable condition etc., and kafiri i,e., infidelity, heathenism, paganism etc., identified accordingly. There are many verses in Quran that they should not be allowed to come near the cities of Mecca and
Medina [Surah XIX]. They should not touch anything meant for Allah. They should not read Quran and other scriptures.

The above-mentioned divisions (castes) are water-tight compartments and the accommodated new converts cannot claim all rights of Sayyid, Qureshi, Ansari, Siddhiqi, Farooqi, Osmani, Alvi, Hussaini, Jafri, Naqvi, Zaidi, Kazmi, Rizvi, Hashmi, Abbasi,  Sherwani, Shirazi, Isphani, Timizi, Bukhari, Barlas, Kirmaniu, Yazdani – who trace their foreign ancestry or middle eastern,
Persia or Central Asian origin. Lebbai of Tamilnadu cannot be treated at par with Bukharis or Bohras. They cannot also think of marrying their daughters. Now, the fact is that Muslims have started matching horoscopes, giving and taking dowry and so on. Therefore, just by becoming Muslim, they cannot think of going up or getting liberated.

Thus, the “Dalits” cannot get emancipated or reach heavens, as has been proclaimed by the Islamic propagandists, theoreticians and ideologues. See the Islamic countries with Islamic law, what has been going on? Are they leading happy, prosperous and peaceful lives? Why the Islamic countries fighting with each other calling other as kafirs? Why the Ahmeddiyas and Ba’hai Muslims are persecuted and their mosques demolished declared as kafirs? Why people are starving in Islamic countries? The Indian Muslims are treated only as second class citizens in Islamic countries. The kafir-workmen are treated as bonded labourers in gulf-countries. Women who are imported into such countries as servant maids / cooks are ill-treated, starved and sexually harassed. Ameena-like girls are married and taken away. Male children are bought and sold for camel-races. The returned (run-away) men and women from gulf-countries tell their miserable and horrified stories. It is a known fact that crores of petro-dollars are flowing into
India officially and un-officially. Then, why do not they spend such amount for the upliftment of Muslims? Why the Indian Muslims are kept poor, in spite of their wealth? Therefore, as this is the true position, the “Dalits” should not be cheated with their propaganda.

Islamic conversion moves: Now, many Islamic organizations have openly come out with documents about the conversion of
India by a phased manner. The Muslim politicians also proclaim that they could convert
India into Islamic before the starting of 21st century. Islamic religious leaders, Sheikhs, Politicians, and others visit
India periodically under the guise of conferences, seminars, inauguration of mosques etc., and encourage the conversion process.

Converted Muslims like Abdullah Adiyar16 has been tempting “Dalit” leaders like Ilaya Perumal to convert to Islam. RPI leaders like Dr. Seppan17 with the former has started writing books making claims that “Islam is the only way for total liberation” and so on. Surprisingly, Valampuri John18 has also joined them contributing his mite. The books written by them are just propaganda literature and a poor category of negationism [negationism is the tactful method of concealing, eliminating or destroying the past record of Islam or Christianity by their respective writers and hence it may be defined as denial of historical crimes against humanity. It is not a reinterpretation of known facts, but the denial of such known facts19].

Tabligh movement: it was revived against the Suddhi movement of Swami Dayananda Saraswati in the late 1920s. But, the conversion methodology has been in operation ever since the advent of Islam in
India using all tactics. The movement has again been revived in the ‘Dalit” context in the recent times with the blessings and petro-dollars of International Islamic organizations.

Strategy adopted and adapted: The money is routed officially through the Central and State Government Social welfare and minority institutions meant for building mosques and madrasas. A portion of the amount is diverted to conversion by manipulating the accounts. The other form of pumping in money is through the individuals, professionals and others, who in turn donate and divert it. Recently, it has been found out that money is also routed through terrorists amassed through the activities of drug trafficking, arms trade and smuggling. With that money, the strategy carried out is as follows:

  1. Building mosques at Rural areas – in own places, leased, allotted and porumboke (no one’s land) lands (to be regularized later with the blessings of the local / secular politicians, because of their minority status) lands.
  1. Allowing  poor SC / STs deliberately to put up their huts around the mosques, so that the taking over (i.e, legalizing) of  land becomes easy.
  1. Giving money and labour whenever they require and inducing them to join Islam.
  1. After conversion, their “acquired superiority” is publicized among the other family and relative members for further temptation.
  1. To avoid caste conflicts, they are sent to villages of other areas of the same or other states, thereby their caste identity is suppressed.
  1. then, Islamization process starts i.e, the complete removal of Hindu thought, culture, tradition, heritage and manners by changing name, dress, tonsure, circumcision, remarriage etc., with Islamic rituals.

Can liberation be possible in Islam?:  Within Islam, there as always been struggles, wars and battles20. Except, the castes / tribes that trace their origin to middle-east, all other indigenously created / formed castes are placed at the lowest pedestal and treated accordingly for all social processes. Indian Muslims are treated as second rate citizens in the case of Haj-yatra. Only the high-caste Muslims are treated well to some extent. This discrimination arises out of Arabic tribal consciousness coupled with the Islamic theology and jurisprudence developed based on Quran, Hadis and Shariat. Therefore, no social reformer can question or even point out the existence of such practice. The fate of Deccan Herald, a drama troop who staged one play in a gulf country, Salman Rushdie, Naslima Tsreen and others are well known to be repeated.

Why Islam has failed?: In spite of the ideals-universal brotherhood, equality, rights for women etc., claimed, the practical and practiced Islam and its track record have shown and proved that even in a declared Islamic state, such ideals cannot be implemented, as the religio-political leaders have always manipulated and interpreted the tenets of Islam according to their convenience. No Islamic state from the advent or the introduction of Islam has ever exhibited egalitarianism, because of its fundamental principles of dividing humanity into superior-believers (momins) and inferior, degrading, polluted and third rate unbelievers (kafirs) under the concept of Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harab. Moreover, with the concept of “Jahalliya” (dark period) before the advent of the Islam on the earth, the Muslims never appreciate the existence of people with wisdom before it. As the domain of kafirs (whether within or without Islam) is always meant for Jihad, till the kufru / kafiri is removed, peace cannot be established. Ironically, “Islam” means “peace” on Arabic. Therefore, in such warring conditions people cannot live without problems.

International conspiracy: Many Christian and Muslim agencies have been actively working in hands with other anti-Indian forces to destabilize India by confusing the “Dalit” groups of
India. Recently their moves have been more systematic and open, synchronizing with the contemporary global political and economic changes.

“Dalit Solidarity Programme” (DSP) of World Council of Churches (WCC) was first to conceive after the WCC programmes to combat Racism was over at
Madras in 1989.

At the VIIth Assembly of the WCC held in
Canberra in February 1991, mischievous statement was adapted by them about the so-called “growing consciousness of the Indigenous peoples’ struggle for freedom, including those of Dalits of India”.

During the IXth session of the working group on indigenous peoples held between June 22 and August 2, 1991, some “tribal” groups represented to UN about their “status” in

The WCC thus recognized “Dalits” as “indigenous people” in their “document” on “Ecumenical Action o Racism” formerly known as “Programme to Combat Racism” (PCR).

The statements and representations made by some US,
UK and Middle-east based “Dalit” groups are also intriguing. During the Xth session of UN Commission on Human Rights held at Geneva, Switzerland, from 20th to 31st July 1992, one Ambedkar Centre for Justice, Canada made a statement that SCs / STs are indigenous people of India, there are only 15% Hindus in India and so on!

With all the moves, surprisingly, the year 1993 was declared as the year of “Indigenous Peoples” by the UN!

The Madras Bishop Azariah (P. B. No.4914, Madras – 600 006) delivered a speech in Bonn, Germany, leading a Christian delegation on “Dalit” problem in
India (August 31 to Sep.2, 1994)!

Similarly, the Islamic groups working on the very similar lines started advocating the unity of “Dalits and Muslims”, though there have been opposition from the fundamentalist Muslim outfits, who are against such unholy alliance of “Kafir-momin relationship”!

Therefore, to counter such methods, they have directly launched conversion movement of “Dalits” instead of havinbg alliance. The US, UK and
Geneva based Muslim organizations and agencies have been very successful in building up anti-Indian campaign by every possible means taking every available opportunity without fail. Inside
India, they circulate such stage-managed and propaganda materials to fool the locals and haste for conversion.

Surprisingly, there have been some organizations from
Japan joining the hands of other collaborators in converting “Dalits” to “Buddhism”. Recently they have made the Bodh Gaya issue internationalized successfully.

Therefore, the SCs should be very careful about these alien forces, as their motive has been many times anti-Indian with ulterior designs. The SCs should not fall prey to such designs, instead, they should understand their nefarious game-plans and expose their ugly faces to the world.

Can “Dalits” get liberated by continuing as Hindus?: The minds of “Dalit”-Hindus know very well about the implications of converting themselves to non-Hindu religions in
India. In fact, they love Hindu culture, tradition, heritage and civilization most because of their hoary past and enriched connected factors, appreciated by many scholars, philosophers, historians, sociologists and psychologists/ they have also understood that in the entire world, there have been only two civilizations in existence without break or extinction from time immemorial.

The present-day problem has definitely arisen out of the Muslim and British manipulation of Census documents, enumeration of castes and willful-mischievous exposition of
varna, jati, race and other pseudo-scientific hypotheses and theories.

Unlike non-Hindus, most of the Hindus do not know about their religion, scriptures and theology, but, only stories and propaganda about the same. They talk and discuss about what they are told unlike other religions, they do not have a single scripture, single religious institution, single religious head and other stereo-types. Unlimited freedom has been given within the ambit of Hinduism to its followers whether they believe it or not. These are not drawbacks or mistakes, but perfectly in accordance with the psychological needs of man. Psychologists and sociologists have come to the conclusion that for the betterment of any society in the present day world of conflicts, the religion and psychology should go together. This is possible only in Hinduism. Unlike, the propaganda made against Hinduism, it is not suppressive and oppressive of “Dalits”.

What man wants?: The basic needs of man are food, dress and house. Other connected entities like sanitation, transportation, education, happy life come afterwards. The issue is not the availability of resources, but sharing of them. Definitely, God has created everything for men, but men have divided themselves into nation, religion, creed, clan, tribe, denomination, class, caste and other boundaries and barriers. Men have always manipulated out of these factors to restrict others in sharing processes. For such process the shared become decrease day by day. Those who enjoyed share / quota try to keep such benefits only to themselves and do not want it to percolate to the bottom. Hence, each factor (say nation, caste or class) has its own vertical / pyramidal type of hierarchy, with the elite / ruling / creamy layer sitting / occupying on it at the top. The terms may change, definition may change, but the reality does not change.

Moreover, if the caste factor is a particular problem to the Indian society, the reservation has to be continued for the needy based on such caste factor, then Islam or Christianity need not meddle with such social processes. Let the Christians and Muslims go to their own countries to save the souls of their believers / brethren to stop them fighting with each other, killing each other, looting each other in the name of religion. Let them share the amassed wealthy through various methods for the upliftment. And let Hindus to solve their social problems. They need not create more social problems by converting the gullible Hindus.

Warning to Hindus: As the entire burden and responsibility lie on Hindus, they should work sincerely and honestly to remove all social inequalities and injustice. The so-called “Caste Hindus” should stop their discrimination and atrocities committed against their SC / ST Brethren. Social evils may be there in every society, but they cannot be nurtured, justified or exploited in the name of religion, politics or otherwise for the benefit of themselves.
India may be a poor country, but that does not mean only the “caste Hindus” should be rich, land owners or enjoying all the material benefits. The poor also should get their share not because they are poor, but human beings, that too, their brethren.

Urbanization, Modernization, Industrialization, Science and technological advancements have made Hindus to come close together to understand each other. There have been more and more social interactions taking place among them. The SC / ST are also educating themselves and competing equally with others exhibiting and proving their skills. They about their rights and responsibilities, but others should allow them to enjoy their rights and carry out their responsibilities. Hindus should know that Vedas do not preach caste system; do not differentiate man by colour, stature, appearance or any other factor. Hindus have always been mixed population with differing features in accordance with nature. This is same in any changing society. As Hindus have been surviving from time immemorial, in spite of the onslaughts, they should treat all of their community members equally, so that not only Hindus, even the entire nation and the world can be elevated.

The Dalit Politics: Of late, some vested politicians in connivance with the anti-national forces started playing very dangerous political games. They have openly started instigating Indians to divide themselves on caste basis and making calculations accordingly. Reservation figures are muddled and misused to brainwash electorate, thereby, caste wars are created. The magic-combination of “BC-SC-ST-Minorities” is picking up and it has become a game-plan for them. For all such caste-conflicts, the “traditional enemy” ids blamed and condemned. In the recent U. P elections, crores of Rupees were spent to experiment their conceived plan. In spite of the number game, extra-democratic means were adopted to capture power. After coming to power, unnecessarily, Mahathma Gandhi and Babasaheb Ambedkar have been pitted against each other drawing parallels. All Hindus should be very careful in such moves.

Swami Vivekananda and Dalits: Swami Vivekananda is a “Dalit” – Shudra from Kayasth community. When he became a Sanyasi, some social reformers challenged him as to how a Shudra could become a Sanyasi. He gave them suitable reply with supporting evidences from scriptures proving that Shudras were nothing but Kshatriyas: “I am not all hurt if they call me a Shudra. It will be a little reparation for the tyranny of my ancestors over the poor. If I am a Paraiah, I will be more glad, for I am the disciple of a man, who – the Bahmn of Brahmins – wanted to cleanse the house of a Paraiah21. He started Sri Ramakrishna Mission only to liberate oppressed and suppressed: “From the Math will go out men of character who will deluge the world with spirituality…………The Shudra caste will exist no longer – their work being done by machinery” 22. He defines “Shurahood” as the status of people “engaged in serving another for pay”. Then, perhaps most of the higher castes are “Shudras” and the real shudras are not, as they work for themselves and not for others to get any pay. He also points out as to how the great rishis Vasistha, Narada, Satyakama, Jabala, Vyasa, Kripa, Drona, Krishna and others were Shudras and raised to the status of Ksatriyas and Brahmins. Kausikas, Jambuga, Mandavya, Gangeya, Chavunaga, Gautama, Agastya, Ganatasalya, XGandha, Sukha, Jambavantha, Aswatthama ansd host of others were Shudras / outcastes / oppressed and suppressed heroes who rose to the highest status. From this, one canunderstand that those who have given Vedas, compiled Vedas, Itihasas and Puranas were all – Shuras. Therefore, understanding the history, the so called “Dalits” should fight against the present 3000 / 4000 Caste-system and liberate by being Hindus.

Adi Hindus: In view of the above facts, the all SCs can be called “Adi Hindus” more appropriately giving all credit, instead of Harijan, Paraiyar, Dalit, Shudra etc. the one collective group “Adi Hindus” can be given the SC status and STs are nothing but our brethren “Vanavashis” from time immemorial. They should dispense with the motivated usae of “Dalit” and work for the unity and integrity of

Towards Dalit Unity: It is a fact that the SCs have many differences among themselves and each group working separately with suspicion on the other group. The differences observed are due to the following factors:

  1. Educated SCs do not treat uneducated characteristically.
  1. Rich SCs do not mingle with the poor groups.
  1. Urban SCs treat rural categories differently.
  1. All the above categories do not want to identify with other SCs, because of their elevated status. Many times, they even hesitates or do not want to introduce their own mother, wife, sisters, brothers etc., to others fearing that their “caste” might be revealed. At marriage and other social gatherings, one can observe how the different groups of SCs interact / behave with each other.
  1. personality cult, political links for getting favours, extra-political / caste / religious connections for getting funds for organizing meetings, printing literature etc. “Acquired groups” do not want to reveal or share with other groups about their sources and application of funds.
  1. Elevated groups are afraid that other SCs may get their benefits so that their prospects may be affected / restricted in the long run. They are more interested in getting benefits to their children and wards than for other SCs.
  1. The “We-they” complex among the SCs themselves are very intriguing leading to unimaginable state of “untouchables among the untouchables”.

Competitive spirit should be there, but not rivalry leading to social manipulations. Here only, one is told about to follow some principles based on religion or otherwise. History is replete with the causes for manipulation of castes. Therefore, we need not commit the same mistakes to increase the number of castes among the existing castes. If we continue such tactics, it is nothing but suicidal politics playing with their own brethren. Therefore, forgetting the differences, one should work for the unification, instead of diversification or differentiation. For such a unification process, the concept of “Adhi Hindus” would be very much helpful. Let us our brethren think over it and come for a fruitful decision, so that the Indian society may be having prosperous future with social equity and social justice.

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One Response to “Dalit – Precept, Problem and Politics”

  1. vedaprakash Says:

    This was posted in http://www.indiainteracts.com.

    But for some reasons not known to me, my postings have been disappeared.

    Therefore, I am posting here with comments also, as appeared / appearing in the earlier site:

    1. yakshini Says:
    Posted on September 7th, 2007

    Excellent treatise !
    This serves the death-knell to anti-Hindu propagandists and conversionists !
    Well-done ! Keep it up !

    2. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on September 7th, 2007

    Swami Vivekananda is a “Dalit” – Shudra from Kayasth community.

    I think it is wrong…he is not a Dalit.

    My reponse to Why Christianity failed?:

    Christainty is very successful and growing at fast rate in Africa, India, China as well as in Americas… So to say christainity failed may be incorrect.

    I would like to tell you that christainity is nothing to do with criem lsit you ahve mentioned. It is against obortion and divorce, drugs etc…

    A.Padmanabna, former Governor of Mizoram and a SC has opposed JJ’s anti-conversion bill. he is supporter of conversions. What does SC/STs say about conversion???Did christainity help them or degrade them? We must listen to those Sc/ST to know the truth…

    Christainity is linked with any country..It is not a US or Europe oe Israeli religion. So say “in their own lands” is wrong.

    3. yakshini Says:
    Posted on September 7th, 2007

    Pathetic !
    In face of TRUTH, one must have GUTS to accept them. Instead you are just mumbling /moaning ..
    Better luck next time !!
    Adamancy is nature of idiocy !

    4. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on September 7th, 2007

    Dear Yakshini,

    Why are you so arrogant ? Thowing words at others for no reason…I gave my opinion.. Will you behave like this to in actual personal relationship also….Did you get any feedback about your behaviour from others?

    Are you trying to coverup any of your bad childhood memories…..by talking roughly…..See JJ was abused my many men in her life..Now JJ delights when men falls at her feet…

    Your behavior reflects your character….You may say my opinion is incorerct and you can tharsh me as many guys does in thise blog…But to say irrelevant things like “mumbling/moaning….better luck next time” seriusly reflects a character flaw…

    Please ask your close freind, if you have one OR consult some Psychiatrists…It is always good to have second opinion about yourselves from others.

    Don’t take me in wrong way.

    Suresh G

    5. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on September 7th, 2007

    I thought Yakshini became a good girl…..But Vethalam Murunga Marthula Aritu (Ghost climbed Murunga Maram)

    6. yakshini Says:
    Posted on September 8th, 2007

    Your comment #2 only brought out my reaction, so why target me personally ? Did I target you personally ? If you had been affected personally, it is you who has to see Dr. Take care !
    Swami Vivekananda was quoted as Kayasth, from given references and your comments only say “I think he is not Shudra” What kind of answer is this, but not mumbling ?
    You had taken support from Padmanabha for justifying conversion. I am only against conversion per se for the following reason:
    1. It is an indication of domination tendency. When you feel that only your religion deserves to stay in the world, then you are declaring Crusade against the world of non-believers. Such a tendency should have no place in today’s society. If you have not learnt from the past, better learn it at least now.
    2. It shows intolerant attitude towards other religions and people following other religions. Such intolerance can no longer be condoned.
    3. It shows complete ignorance what others have to say about their religion.
    When I say these things, you will immediately brand me as belonging to one of the Hindu organizations. Please note that I am NOT from RSS or VHP or BJP and completely non-partisan and there are so many people like that who have expressed themselves in the blog.

    7. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on September 8th, 2007


    “I think” does not mean mumbling….So far I thought you a arrogrant now you are fool….
    What you are telling about EVR is actual you—-Joker….

    Treat yourself before it is too late…..

    Dr.Take Care

    8. yakshini Says:
    Posted on September 9th, 2007

    Amusing !
    When you run out of material to support your points, you can try and hide behind name-calling and personal attacks.
    We have seen this before as well !!
    Well done, scooting like this !!
    There are enough holes in Afghanistan where Talibans are looking for missionaries !! Better luck in mountains of HindKush !!

    9. Vedaprakash Says:
    Posted on September 10th, 2007

    I have already quoted Swami Vivekananda what he has told about himself: “I am not all hurt if they call me a Shudra. It will be a little reparation for the tyranny of my ancestors over the poor. If I am a Paraiah, I will be more glad, for I am the disciple of a man, who – the Bahmn of Brahmins – wanted to cleanse the house of a Paraiah”21

    The referrence has also been given:

    21. Swami Vivekananda, Complete Works, Vol. III, p.211.

    And still you say, “Swami Vivekananda is a “Dalit” – Shudra from Kayasth community. I think it is wrong…he is not a Dalit”.

    What is your doubt?

    10. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on September 10th, 2007

    Hi Vedprakash,

    “If I am a Pariah…” does not mean he is a pariah. I do not know why do you want to present a incorrect image.

    The below web site provides famous Kayasth people….


    Hope you will say Bose, rajendra Prasad are Dalits…

    11. yakshini Says:
    Posted on September 11th, 2007

    Well done, Suresh.
    At least they are not Brahmins and you will agree with them for once.
    Please refer to the same web-site you referred to read about the glory of Indian philosophy and Hindu Dharma. At least you will be able to appreciate the religion better.
    Should you choose to refer to the site only for identifying the caste and not for appreciating the ideas of Swami Vivekananda, it will only expose your parochial intentions.
    “Kollunna vaya thirakumam, Kadivalamenral vaya moodikumam, chandi kuthirai” !!

    12. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on September 11th, 2007

    Hi Yakshini,

    Main objective is to prove vivekanada is not a Dalit… I hope you will accept that now..

    Suresh G

    13. yakshini Says:
    Posted on September 13th, 2007

    Does it really matter whether he was a Dalit or not ?
    The entire post by Vedam proves beyond doubt the nexus between pseudo-secularists and Christians/Muslims to grind the axe of Dalit upliftment for their own upliftment.
    When you do not have anything to fall back on in face of such TRUTHS, you are simply trying to divert !
    May God Bless you !

    14. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on October 23rd, 2007

    I wish to clarify as follows:

    1. The concept of “dalit” was not there when the Census Commissioner was dividing the Indians in 1909 or so.

    2. The Mohammedans impressed upon the British to group them separately. Note, as mentioned above, “They recognized Muslims as a distinct entity by giving separate electorate in 1909. In the year, 1910, the Census Commissioner of India chose to divide the Hindu population into:

    (i) Hindus,

    (ii) Animists and

    (iii) depressed classes or untouchables.

    Previously, the division was always based on religion”. Again, it was the Mohammedans who compelled the British to group the “depressed classes or untouchables” separately.

    3. Of course the British too played a role in it. As K. N. Kadam points out in his book, “The Meaning of the Ambedkarite Conversion to Buddhism and other Essays”, Popular Prakashan, Bombay, 1997, pp.35-36, they engaged untouchables for their work ad the missionaries accommodated them by providing material benefits.

    4. In fact, even EVR did not care for “untouchables” during his times.

    5. Therefore, there is no question of discovering or inventing “dalits” at a time, even the concerned politicians were struggling to assert their position through one way or the other.

    6. Thus under such categorization, many times “Sudras” were grouped with “untouchables” and vice versa. This dilemma could be noted in the writings of so-called “Dalitologists”. Thus, V. T. Rajasekhara Shetty used to accuse EVR that he “failed to persuade Shudras to embrace Islam”.

    7. Therefore, when Vivekananda declared himself as “Paraiah”, he in fact, asserts the Hindu nature of them – the untouchables.

    8. That is why Ambedkar has carefully accommodated under the Presidential Order 1950.

    9. Now, the Christians and Muslims try to circumvent the Order to fool Ambedkar’s provision made for SCs. They even do not care for the Supreme Court judgment – Soosai vs Union of India.

    10. Of course, the media and the politicians aid and abet with the Christians and Muslims carrying out their orchestrated propaganda nationally and internationally.

    11. In any case, the losers would be the real and genuine SCs. As Karunanidhi has fooled the BCs of Tamilnadu by cutting their 7% and gave away to Christians and Muslims, here also, they want to fool the SCs.

    12. Any way, who cares for Supreme Court? They could bring international pressure to pressurize SC to go against SC.

    13. Nowadays, many have started misinterpreting Ambedkar and his writings.

    M. Nachiappan.

    15. laadlabakdaas Says:
    Posted on October 24th, 2007

    The naysayers have totally lost touch with reality. They think what they think is true just because the history books and the media says so. They pounce on the protagonists to their theories at the drop of a hat. Let ppl live in eternal denial. Macaulian kids have taken a toll in India, believe it or not. The degeneration of India started when Islam and Christanity came to India.

    All we need now is status-quo. No more forced conversions or conversions in the name of charity with ulterior motives. We were invaded for over a thousand years militarily. Now when that couldn’t hurt us ppl have resorted to cultural invasions. Brainwashed ppl can’t think for themselves neither do they to want others to think for them too.

    MK and ppl of his ilk will do anything to stay in power. Afterall they are sitting on top of crores of rupees. Only the aam aadmi is affected.

    16. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on November 1st, 2007

    Even now, the PMK leader says that census without caste is useless.

    Why caste-opposing politicians want caste?

    Why the reservation fixed for 10 years is extended every ten years?

    In 60 years, why all the reservation enjoyed groups have not progressed or improved?

    Why caste names are increasing in the caste-lists?

    Why religion is linked with BC / OBC quota?

    Why the politicians have not objected to it?

    17. Ezhavendan Says:
    Posted on February 24th, 2008

    Yesterday in SUN-TV (23-02-2008, 9 pm), Se.Ku.Tamizharasu, Indian republican Party and Punitha Pandiyan, Editor, Dalit Murasu were discussing the issue of reservation to “Aruthahtiyar”. As usual Virapandi was the mediator.

    At one stage, they started asking the very same questions asked in your paper –

    about the SC-IAS officer elevated behaving like “neo-brahmin” (as commented by Virapandi)

    their marrying high caste women instead of their own SC (here Virapandi comments “vellaittol pengal” = white skinned women. how these media men escape from making such racist / derogatory remarks?)

    questiooning the reservation given within “SC”.

    However, their hypocrasy is revealed when they did not discuss about the crucial points raised.

    18. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on February 25th, 2008

    Virapandi has been biased and manipulative.

    His anti-Indian attitide is exhibited in his leading questions put to his chosen people brought to the programme.

    I understand from the earlier programme-invitees that what they spoke, responded effectively, argued well with points were totally edited and blacked out by Virapandi.

    Last two weeks, however, he has projected much about the reservation issue by allowing these two talk much and repeat the points again and again.

    The problems within SCs, particularly, the hierarchial set-up among them is intriguing.

    19. Ezhavendan Says:
    Posted on February 25th, 2008

    The SAM- Social Action Movement website claims that they run the monthly magazine “Dalit Murasu” http://www.socialactionmovement.com/saminfo.html

    DALIT MURASU, Our Monthly magazine has been continuously publishedf for the past ten years, arecord for any Tamil Dalit magazine.

    Incidentally, it is Christian organization engaged in the exploiting SCs with foreign funds.

    So “Punitha Pandiyan” is working as a Christian, for Christians:

    How TEHELKA gioves coverage to these Christians:

    ——————————— ;————————————— 212;————————————-
    Naorem Ashish
    Dalit Murasu, a widely-read Tamil monthly crusading for the oppressed, completed its tenth year in January. The magazine’s editor, M. Punitha Pandian, has reason to be proud of the milestone — it has not been easy running a magazine with almost no financial support. Bringing out each issue was a challenge, but Pandian and his team of writers, backed by a distribution network of enthusiastic volunteers, braved the odds and got the issue into the hands of their readers, month after month, without fail.
    ‘Our entire editorial team is dalit, but we do not restrict ourselves to dalit issues alone,’ says Pandian
    The magazine does not restrict itself to dalit issues alone but takes up wider causes as well. “The editorial team is composed entirely of dalits, but our focus has been broad-based,” says Pandian. Dalit Murasu has done cover stories on capital punishment, pota and the Sachar Committee’s report. The magazine, says Pandian, has a circulation of about 10,000 copies, and is popular among social activists, ngos, and the cadres of various dalit parties.

    Most sales do not happen on the stands. Some readers order copies in bulk and sell them in their areas. “There are about 50 of them, spread across Tamil Nadu’s 30 districts. I wouldn’t call them ‘agents’, they are our activists,” says Pandian.

    Pandian grew up in Vellore, where his father was a school teacher. The family lived in a dalit colony that caste Hindus avoided even walking past. The place was called Kasba-B. Caste Hindus lived at Kasba-A. “People called our locality Kasba-P,” (pee in colloquial Tamil means shit), “because all the excrement from the dry toilets in the area was dumped at the entrance to our colony. In my hometown, if you say you are from Kasba-B, people’s expressions change at once.”

    For the young Pandian, it was a big embarrassment. “At school, I would feel shy of telling my friends where I lived. I avoided bringing anyone home for years,” he says. He credits the transformation in his outlook to Elangovan, his English professor at Voorhees College in Vellore.

    “Our teacher believed that every student should be socially conscious. He used to discuss issues with us. He spoke to us about Periyar, Ambedkar, the problems of the Sri Lankan Tamils, the reservation issue, and so on. He taught us to be concerned about society and not be self-centred,” recalls Pandian. His time with Elangovan made a profound impact on the young man’s mind.

    After college, Pandian worked in a human rights organisation for a short while. Then, in 1997, he started Dalit Murasu along with dalit activist P. Chandragesan. The founding of the magazine coincided with a period of dalit assertion, as dalit parties began to make inroads in Tamil Nadu politics. Pandian says he can only hope this continues. “The mainstream media created a fuss over the Shilpa Shetty controversy,” he says. “But dalits have suffered the worst forms of discrimination for centuries.”
    —————————————& #8212;————————————̵ 2;—————————–

    So really, it is wonder how Tamizharasu has discussed with him on the question of reservation?

    Perhaps, that is why at one stage, when Tamiizharasu questioned the 7% among the BC %, Punitha was struggling to respond.

    20. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on February 28th, 2008

    The Supreme Court in Soosai vs UOI case has clearly pointed out that the converted SCs to Christianity cannot continue to get SC status.

    Why then the Christians go on indluging in “Dalit”-biting, dalit-baiting, dalit-beating, dalit-cheating and so on?

    As they have failed theologically, socially and finacially, it is better they accept the total failure and defeat and keep quite.

    The SCs should understand their duplicity and wickedness.

    If their God could redeem them, then, he must have doone it long back!

    If their theology could save them, they must have saved long back!!

    If their social service could save them, they must have saved them long back!!!

    If their finance at least, could elevate them, they must have got elevated long back!!!!

    But nothig happens, as they claim so.

    Yes, they want only reservation for the converted SCs to Christianity and nothing else.

    This is the riddle of the century!

    21. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on February 28th, 2008

    May be upper caste hindus should protect dalits from christians who are discriminating/biting/baiting/beating/cheating them?

    Poor dalits..they left their priviliged position in hinduism and now they suffer under the hands of christians.

    One quick idea from a upper caste hindu : One way of avoiding discrimination of dalits is treating them equal to upper caste i.e removal of reservation. Helping them to do their traditional occuption, in which they are expert instead of unneccessarily teaching them arts and science.

    22. indian Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008

    Christians who say that caste system is absent in christianity but are enjoying reservation have no moral right to talk about equality.

    23. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008

    Had they have any morality, they would not have treated non-wjites with racial prejudice.

    Had they have any ethics, they would not have killed millions of natives of Australia, America, Africa.

    Had they have any spiritualitry, they would not have donned the dress of Hindus and cheated Hindus.

    Had they have proper theology, they would not have blasphemed other Gods.

    What to do?

    Their god Jehovah has been jealos.

    He says that no other god should be placed below or above or before him.

    So their god himself knew that there were other gods.

    Therefore, their god is discriminative and so also their followers.

    And therefore, none could expect anything from them.

    24. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008

    post #22 : Does that mean inequality in Hinudism is justified.

    25. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008

    Suresh, kindly tell me why Christianity has such inequality?

    26. gsuresh Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008

    check in poovai’s blog..I have already answered it.

    If a inequality exists in religion X, is it a license of another religion Y to have the same ineqaulity?

    27. tvvenkatesh Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008


    Your post no. 26. That is precisely what we are asking. We agreed that there was inequality in Hinduism. So is it a license for you to follow? You promise to the converts that there is no inequality. But what you do it direct opposite. Shamelessly you demand reservation also for Dalit Christians.

    Mr Noble (a) Soul!!!! First reflect on your stupidity before questioning others.


    28. indian Says:
    Posted on February 29th, 2008

    Indian QUOTE
    Christians who say that caste system is absent in christianity but are enjoying reservation have no moral right to talk about equality.
    Indian UNQUOTE

    Does that mean inequality in Hinudism is justified.

    I know the concerned person who raised the question in post # 24 is incapable of any reasonable argument. However, I am posting this as a continuation of my previous post.

    Reservation was introduced as a tool to uplift sections of people (CLASSES) who suffer from social AND educational backwardness. The term ‘backward classes’ became synonymous with ‘bacward castes’ because of the caste hierarchy followed by HINDUS and the “purported” oppression of lower castes. Because christians claim that there is no caste oppression in christianity, how can they also claim that they are socially backward. This is true for muslims also. So christians and muslims, as a group, cannot be provided reservation citing social backwardness.

    In addition, while muslims, in many states of India, can be considered as educationally backward, the same does not apply to christians. Especially, when christians take pride in spreading education throughout India through their educational institutions (which enjoy minority status), how can they also claim they are themselves educationally backward. So both conditions are not met as far as christians are concerned.

    The reservation provided to christians is just to consolidate vote-banks. The constitutionally mandated reservation is being abused here, preventing the real backward classes to avail the benefits.

    I AM NOT BLAMING CHRISTIANS HERE JUST FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THIS PROVISION. However, those who support this selfishly for their own benefit, lose their moral right to talk about inequality, upliftment of backward classes etc because they are the ones who are practicing unjust discrimination here.

    The only people who truly deserve reservation are SCs and STs and few groups who will truly come under OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES (both socially and educationally backward).

    It is no suprise that people like poovai and gsuresh, who in the name of fighting for “equality”, “discrimination” , “reforms” etc, are the ones who care about only their “group”, who want “benefits” at the expense of real backward classes. And you know who else does this — the politcal class.

    29. Ezhavendan Says:
    Posted on March 1st, 2008

    Suresh has not answered as to why the Christianity has such inequalities?

    30. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on March 2nd, 2008

    As already elsewhere pointed out, the discrimination of humanity from the birth has been there in Christianity from the beginning, as pointed out by the UN-apartheid Commission.

    So also, the Mohammedans have their own of of discrimination: Arabs-non-Arabs; tribal-non-tribal and so on.

    Of course, Vedaprakash quoting from Bible and Quaran has pointed out te facts that caste system and untouchability are there in Christianity and Mohammeanism also (see above).

    But putting the blame only on Indian society is questioned.

    31. Ezhavendan Says:
    Posted on April 7th, 2008

    The following is from today’s Viduthalai: http://viduthalai.com/20080406/news01.html

    That the so-called National Minority Commission has only the psyche of “minorityism” instead of national interest is proven by the report.

    எந்த மதம் சென்றாலும் தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவர்கள் சமூகரீதியாக
    ஒடுக்கப்பட்டவர்களாகத்தான் உள்ளனர்

    சிறுபான்மையினருக்கான தேசியக் குழுவின் முடிவு

    புதுடில்லி, ஏப்.6- சிறுபான்மையி னர்க்கான தேசியக் குழு பல் வேறு மதங்களில் உள்ள தாழ்த் தப்பட்டோர் பற்றிய அறிக் கையை வெளிப்படுத்தியுள் ளது. எந்த மதத்தைச் சார்ந்த வர்களானாலும் அவர்கள் சமூக ரீதியாக ஒடுக்கப்பட்ட வர்களாகவே நடத்தப்படு கிறார்கள் என்பதை மறுக்கவே முடியாது என்று தெளிவாகக் கூறியுள்ளது.

    அவர்கள் முதலில் தாழ்த் தப்பட்டவர்கள்; பிறகுதான் கிறித்தவர்கள், முசுலிம்கள் என்று தான் கருதப்பட்டு நடத் தப்படுகின்றனர். அம்மாதிரி நடத்தப்படுகிறார்கள் என நம்புவதற்கு ஆதாரங்கள் ஏதும் கிடைக்கவில்லையென நீதிமன்றங்கள் கூறுவதைக் குறிப்பிட்டு, சூசை வழக்குக்குப் பின் ஏராளமான ஆதாரங்கள் கிடைத்துள்ளன என்று குழு குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளது. பேராசிரியர் தேஷ்பாண்டே குறிப்பிடு கையில் கிறித்துவ முசுலிம் தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவர்க்கு அந்தத் தகுதியை தருவதற்குத் தடை யாக எதுவும் இல்லை; அவர் களைத் தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவர்க ளாகத்தான் கருத வேண்டும் என்று அவர் கூறியுள்ளார்.

    பிற மதத்தைச் சார்ந்த தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவர்களில், இசுலாமியர்கள் மிகவும் கொடு மையாக நகர்ப்புறங்களில் நடத்தப்படுகின்றனர். தாழ்த்தப் பட்ட கிறித்துவர்களின் சமூக நிலை சற்றுப் பரவாயில்லை. சீக்கிய மதத் தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவர் களின் நிலையும் அவ்வாறே உள்ளது. பொருளாதார, சமூக அளவுகளிலும் இசுலாமிய தாழ்த்தப்பட்டோரின் நிலை கீழாக இருப்பது கல்வியறி விலும் பிரதிபலிக்கிறது.

    கிறித்துவ, இசுலாமியத் தாழ்த்தப்பட்ட மக்களின் நிலையைக் கவனித்தால், நாட்டில் உள்ள முக்கால்வாசித் தாழ்த்தப்பட்ட மக்களின் நிலை போலத்தான் இருந்து வருகிறது என்பதைக் குழு சுட்டிக் காட்டிப் புள்ளி விவரங்களை அளித்துள்ளது. இவற்றை டெல்லி, பொருளா தாரப் பள்ளியைச் சேர்ந்த சதீஷ்தேஷ்பாண்டே ஆய்வு செய்து தயாரித்துள்ளார்.
    தற்போதைய நிலையில், அவர்கள்மீது பாரபட்சம் காட்டப்படுகிறது என்பதே உண்மை; இதனை நீதிமன்றத் தில் ஆதார பூர்வமாக நிரூபிக்க முடிகிறதோ இல்லையோ, மனச்சான்றுள்ள ஒவ்வொரு நேர்மையான இந்தியனுக்கும் இது தெரியும் என பேராசிரியர் தேஷ்பாண்டே கூறுகிறார்.

    It is evident that Satish Deshpande has opined with bias and prejudice instead of real research.

    In fact, he has gone to the extent of misinterpreting the supreme court judgment Soosai vs UOI and leading, while a petition file is still pending. This type of meddling with judiciary, suggesting the judiciary to certain motivated research etc., would cretate a bad precedence.

    In fact, as a researcher, he should address the question as to why even after becoming Christian or Mohammedan, they could not be liberated as promised in their scriptures and Gods?

    Very often, they claim that Ambedkar’s Constitution should not be meddled with. Why then they spread lies under the guise of research?

    32. Ezhavendan Says:
    Posted on April 7th, 2008

    I do not know what Jesus and Allah are doing.

    Because, in Christianity and Mohammedanism, they should be one in Jesus and Allah without any discrimination.

    So either the minority commission should know the fact or, they are denigrating or under estimating the power of those Gods.

    They are there to redeem, emancipate or liberate.

    If they are not redeemed, emancipated or liberated, the Gods, converters and converted – all are answerable.

    This is not any social issue, but religio-political fraudulent one, cheating people in the name of Jesus and Allah.

    We do not know to treat them as “inferior” in their respective religions. Can be there any “inferior christians” and “inferior Mohammedans”?

    If Deshpande claims so through his wonderful research or otherwise, christians and Mohammedans should ask him why they are so?

    Why even after conversion, they are not able to get redeemed or liberated?

    Here only the question of failure of their gods comes and they have to answer without mincing the words.

    The Eraiyur threat is also meaningless. The changing gods proves the cheapest theological fraud. If the gods have any shame, they should throw out such renegades instead of keeping in their flocks.

    33. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on April 8th, 2008

    The political collusion with the Mohammedans and Christians in recent years has adversely affected the Hindus.

    But, the Hindus are not aware of such activities.

    The extension of communal reservation for Mohammedans and Christians as BC and now the propsal to converted SCs would create great harm to other BCs and SCs in long run.

    Perhaps, they have decided to incite people with such communalism and casteism.

    Here only the “Eraiyur plot” perhaps gets exposed.

    34. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on November 27th, 2008

    The accommodation of reservation to such converted christians or muslims would only affect the reservation of Hindus and it has been against the Constitution. In fact. B.R. Ambedkar himself did not accept such reservation.

    மதம் மாறிய வன்னியர்கள் வழக்கு தமிழக அரசுக்கு ஐகோர்ட் உத்தரவு

    தினமலர், ஆகஸ்ட் 02,2008,00:00 IST
    http://www.dinamalar.com/kutramnewsdetail.asp?News_id=1138&cls=row4&ncat =TN

    சென்னை:”கிறிஸ்தவ மதத்துக்கு மாறிய வன்னிய குல சத்திரியரை மிகவும் பிற்படுத்தப்பட்டோர் பட்டியலில் சேர்க்கக் கோரும் மனு மீது சட்டப்படி தகுந்த உத்தரவை அரசு பிறப்பிக்க வேண்டும்’ என சென்னை ஐகோர்ட் உத்தரவிட்டுள்ளது. திருச்சியைச் சேர்ந்த டெக்கான் வன்னிய கிறிஸ்தவர்கள் சங்கம் தாக்கல் செய்த மனு:கிறிஸ்தவ மதத்துக்கு மாறிய வன்னிய குல சத்திரியர்களை மிகவும் பிற்படுத்தப்பட்டோர் பட்டியலில் சேர்ப்பதற்கு வகை செய்ய கடந்த 93ம் ஆண்டு ஏப்ரல் மாதம் அரசாணை பிறப்பிக்கப்பட்டது.

    இதை எதிர்த்து ஐகோர்ட்டில் மனு தாக்கல் செய்யப்பட்டது. அரசாணையை ஐகோர்ட் ரத்து செய்தது. இப்பிரச்னையை பிற்படுத்தப்பட்டோர் கமிஷனுக்கு அனுப்பி, சுப்ரீம் கோர்ட் பிறப்பித்த வழிமுறைகளை பின்பற்றி முடிவெடுக்கலாம் என தமிழக அரசுக்கு ஐகோர்ட் உத்தரவிட்டது. எனவே, எங்களது கோரிக்கையை பரிசீலித்து மிகவும் பிற்படுத்தப்பட்டோர் பட்டியலில் சேர்க்க உத்தரவிட வேண்டும்.இவ்வாறு மனுவில் கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    இதை தலைமை நீதிபதி கங்குலி, நீதிபதி இப்ராகிம் கலிபுல்லா ஆகியோர் அடங்கிய “முதல் பெஞ்ச்’ விசாரித்தது. மனுதாரர் சார்பில் சீனியர் வக்கீல் சுந்தரேசன், வக்கீல்கள் ஆரோக்கியசாமி, ரவி ஆகியோர் ஆஜராயினர். “முதல் பெஞ்ச்’ பிறப்பித்த உத்தரவு: பிற் படுத்தப்பட்டோர் கமிஷனில் இப்பிரச்னை 10 ஆண்டுகளாக நிலுவையில் இருப்பதாகவும், எந்த முடிவும் எடுக்கப்படவில்லை என்றும் மனுதாரர் தரப்பில் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டது. போதுமான விவரங்களை சம்பந்தப்பட்ட அமைப்பினர் அளிக்காததால் பிற்படுத்தப் பட்டோர் கமிஷனால், எந்த ஒரு முடிவும் எடுக்க முடியாத நிலை ஏற்பட்டுள்ளது.

    ஆனால், போதிய விவரங்கள் அளிக்கப்பட்டிருப்பதாக மனுதாரரின் வக்கீல் குறிப்பிட்டுள் ளார். எனவே, ஏற்கெனவே விவரங்களை அளித்திருந்தால் அதுகுறித்து பிற்படுத்தப்பட் டோர் கமிஷனில், மனுதாரர் உறுதி செய்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். இல்லையென்றால், அந்த விவரங்களை உடனடியாக கமிஷனுக்கு அனுப்ப வேண்டும். அவ்வாறு விவரங்களை பெற்ற நாளில் இருந்து நான்கு மாதங்களுக்குள் பிற்படுத்தப்பட்டோர் கமிஷன் ஒரு முடிவை எடுத்து அரசுக்கு அறிக்கை அளிக்க வேண்டும். இந்த அறிக்கையின் அடிப் படையில் சட்டப்படி தகுந்த உத்தரவை தமிழக அரசு பிறப்பிக்க வேண்டும்.இவ்வாறு “முதல் பெஞ்ச்’ உத்தரவிட்டுள்ளது.

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